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Tagged by Shiokaraazu ! uwu/ She tagged me for Marli but tbh I like the whole Hallett family so you are getting 4 for the price of 1 //HI T KJDHFVKJH

If anyone else would like me to do this for a different character of mine feel free to leave a comment here or tag me in a journal! You can find some of my characters here

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars


1. She kinds of wants a Cottonee for a pet, they're so fluffy and cute aHHH.
2. Actually really likes to play with Aloiki's hair okay.
3. Despite being so forgetful, she actually knows how to cook and bake and can do it very well. She's been helping out her mom ever since she was little so even if she forgets, its something like muscle memory or a gut feeling that will help her remember if she's missed something.
4. When Aloiki is gone for work Marli puts up stuffed plushes on his spot on the bed to fill up the space while he's gone. She also sleeps with a stuffed Samurott plush tucked underneath her arm. On the days that Aloiki comes back and when Aloiki is home though the plushes get put on a shelf.
5. Every year there is a 90% chance she will forget her own birthday but always a 100% percent chance she will remember Aloiki's and have a cake made in preparation for it.
6. Her mains for Mario Party are Toadette and Peach, though if her dad isn't playing sometimes she'll choose Yoshi.
7. Really REALLY likes the piano.
8. Likes to sing to herself as she cooks/bakes and cleans.


1. Because he was born first he terrified his mom because he was an abra and abras sleep A LOT so when he didn't wake up after so many hours his mom was terrified that he had died in his sleep.
2. Rue actually didn't like Marli for around the first two years of her life because a lot of the time he was asleep and so he didn't really see her that much, and when he did it was his parents paying a lot of attention to her. This changed once Marli decided to stick to him like glue and try and get him to play with her all the time when he was awake though.
3. Always ALWAYS gets dragged into bets because they only thing you have to do to get him to agree to it is tell him he just doesn't want to do it because he can't and he will pretty much automatically do it lIKE HE'S 23 YEARS OLD BUT THIS STILL WORKS ON HIM WHAT A DO R K.
4. If he got a girlfriend he would be really sweet and devoted to her and lovey dovey with her tbh. Like if she wanted a fairy tale like date he would make it happen just to make her happy.
5. He gets messed around with at home by his dad, Cielo and Aloiki, and he gets messed around with at work by Silas and Evangeline.
6. Even though he's a huge grump and won't admit it, he actually does consider Aloiki, Silas and Evangeline friends. Probably least likely to ever tell Aloiki though, he would never live it dowN.
7. Doesn't really bother with cutting his hair a lot of the time, he has more important things to do than worry about hair ???
8. Despite looking so on top of things his apartment is a huge mess with music sheets from work scattered around everywhere.


1. The tatoos on his arm were from an idea that they would be from the gang that he was in when he was younger but I later decided against the idea.
2. He proposed to Melissa at young age (he was 19, she was 18) after they found out she was pregnant with Rue. They had been together for around 8 months before marrying and are still together 20 years later.
3. Would do anything for his wife tbh, he loves her so much.
4. Actually is pretty happy that Marli looks at Cielo like a second father figure because he just wants Cielo to be happy.
5. Regularly gets banned from department stores for messing with the displays.... so his wife tries not to bring him with her anymore. Or get Rue or Marli to get things from the stores, either one.
6. Sometimes gives regular customers tips on how to win during his job. Normally this would get him fired but the casino manager overlooks it as Anton has been working at the place for so many years.
7. Sends Cielo dumb stuff all the time okay like all the time with dumb notes attached to them.
8. If he doesn't completely focus when teleporting he can mess up where he's going and frequently land in people's houses. Its become so common that the people greet him and ask him if he would like anything before he goes.


1. The necklace around her neck is a Mother's day gift from Rue and Marli when they were younger, she's worn it everyday ever since she got it.
2. Not very subtle and pretty much would and probably has asked Aloiki and Marli when are they finally going to get married.
3. When Rue brings a girlfriend home, Melissa would be the one looking deadly serious and asking all the questions while Anton is the very open one, a complete opposite to the first time Aloiki met them.
4. Her favorite kind of cake is a chocolate cake and her favorite kind to make is a mousse cake.
5. Determined on teaching Aloiki how to cook LOL
6. It would really take a lot to make her mad, she's pretty easy going.
7. Anton has never told Melissa about Cielo's TRUE job, but Melissa has kind of suspected all these years but never said anything about it. Its not her business afterall.
8. Pretty much considers Cielo and Aloiki as members of their family and nobody can convince her otherwise.

OKA Y that took a while but was really fun omg

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