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Kinda late but doing these questions!! uwu/

Archy's questions
1. Do u like anime... figurines..?
Depends on the anime really omg

2. Whats your favourite cartoon show right now?
Gravity Falls or Steven Universe!!

3. Which one of your OCs is the tallest?
My Blaziken Minnoh from my Sapphire team, he's 6'3" and towers over the rest of his team LOL
My Stoutland Ryan originally from my White team is at a close second at 6"2"

4. What song are you really into right now?
Its two actually at the moment LOL
This cover of Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon anddddd this song called The Willow Maid!!

5. If you could ask me one art-related thing, what would it be?
How do you come up with your designs, are they like spur of the moment kind of things, or do you plan them out omg ((I'm not gonna lie mine are spur of the moment kind of things))

6. Favourite soda?
... Orange ....? I'm not sure weeps

7. How's the weather been lately?

8. Do you believe in karma?
Ye s

9. How often do you nap?
I use to way more earlier this year, but then I stopped so I haven't had a nap in a while now omg

10. Whats your favourite thing to draw?
My ocs I am so wea k cri ES

11. How active are you on DA?
I go on it a lot but... I don't post very much, I need to be more active really;;

12. Why am I asking so many things that might sound personal?

13. Do you believe in me as much as I believe in u????
I think the question here is do you believe in you as much as I believe in you-- //HI T KDFHV

Josh's questions
  1. If you was given the change to completely change the way you look would you?
    Probably not because it would feel so weird to suddenly look so different ???

  2. Do you tend to spend more time in your imaginary would than reality?

  3. What... is your favourite colour... schemes? =u=
    Warm colors aHHHH

  4. What would be your weapon of choice? (pre-guns I mean (So no guns))
    Bow .... ??? I think it would be cool to learn how to use a bow

  5. What is your biggest fear?
    ??? I'm not sure ??? Disappointing people I suppose

  6. If you could learn any instrument what would it be?
    The harp or the ocarina yeSsSSS

  7. Do you believe in a afterlife?

  8. What is your ultimate goal? (It doesn't have to be possible, come on and dream!)
    ??? I'd like to be able to work on my own animation show someday jxkhjkhfv

  9. Current favourite game?
    hmmm... I really like Okami and Spirit Tracks and A Link Between Worlds!! Though Undertale and Child of Light are also really really good

  10. Where would you rather life? Ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe, Ancient Greece, or Ming Dynasty China?
    //whistles and skips this question

  11. Favourite Gem stone?
    Moonstones aHHH

  12. I need to ask a tea related question so.... Do you put the milk in before the hot water or after? ( I will be judging harshly =u=) (Smile)
    I don't put any milk in after I take it out of the microwave, yeah that's right a microwave yOU WANNA FIGHT ME JOS H

  13. Is it strange to dream for a life that is impossible and unrealistic yet all realistic things seem impossible and unrealistic?
    I wouldn't say so ????
I'm not gonna do questions because I'm so lazy so yeah LOL
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