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Figured I could hop on this bandwagon and do it too omg

Feel free to ask about any of my characters!! uwu/ You can find a list of some here, Though they're not all on there so even if you don't see a character you want to ask about on the list, feel free to ask about them anyways LOL

"Send me a symbol and one of MY character's name(s), to describe the following:"

¿: a random fact.
✌: a memorable thing they did with their friends.
★: their zodiac sign.
✿: a thing they would give their life for.
✖: a thing that they wish to see exterminated.
♊: a thing they feel conflicted about.
☠: an event that killed them in canon.
☂: a thing they lied about.
✒: an alternate name they go by.
❦: their favorite bit of a culture other than their own.
☥: a religious experience.
✍: a snippet from their diary or quest log.
❄: a favorite kind of weather or climate.
☞: a thing they are very jealous of
✂: a thing they love about their appearance.
♨: a thing they do in their spare time.
∞: something that just seems to keep happening to them.
☀: someone they couldn't live without.
☤: an element they either feel closest to, or estranged from.
☎: a rumor about them, or a reputation that precedes them.
☄: an extremely dangerous situation they made it out of alive.
♐: a worthwhile skill they have a natural aptitude for.
♘: a favorite weapon or fighting style.
➜: a scar on them.
™: a hidden talent that is largely useless.
☾: a recurring dream or sleep habit.
♉: an inner demon.
☢: a thing that makes them sick.
☣: a recurring health problem.
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