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I made a poll about it a while so here we go finally posting this as a journal LOL

I want to draw some other people's ocs and try to branch out on who I draw a bit!! So if you're interested you can draw any one of these ocs:

Female ocs:
:: Nerdy Lugia revamp by Wynautwai Elssi by Wynautwai Hana revamp by Wynautwai

Male ocs:
Thetos flareon ref by Wynautwai Rue short hair ref by Wynautwai

If you would like, you could also pick an oc ship of mine to draw, if you're interested in that just ask in your comment for my ships so you can pick one you like! Of course, if you draw me a ship, I'll draw you one of yours back \ o /

Note!!!! I will not draw my part of the art trade until you draw yours, and it will be the same based on what you do. For example if you draw me a chibi, I will draw you a chibi back, if you draw a half body I will draw a halfbody for you and so on.

As for what you want, you can just link me refs of who you want me to draw, thank you!!

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Pelty8 General Artist
*Zooms in days late*
I wanna art trade yea.
I'll draw the cutie Elssi and I would like Paw drawn. Ref:
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Ahh of course, your oc looks super cute!!
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i'd love to do an art trade, if you'd like! would it be alright if i drew marli for you?
would you be alright with drawing my character mei? here's a fullbody of her…
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Sure!! uwu/