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Ryan :: Pburbia app

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Super super excited for this oc I've had him for like 2 years now like you do not understand my EXCITE MEN T

Ryan Tolve

Gender | Relationship Status:
Male | Single

Age | Birthday:
29 | January 3rd

Pokemon | Type:
Stoutland | Normal

Home District:
Venome Plaza

Day Care Worker

+ Ice Fang
+ Strength
+ Odor Sleuth
+ Crunch

A very easy going person, who takes life in stride and has the mind set of well things happened, time to move on. He's not really one to hold grudges, unless someone has really done something bad to him. He's polite and friendly to everyone he meets, though he has been told on several occasions that he can also be too nice and annoy people or let them walk all over him. He's the kind of person that puts too much on his plate because he can't say no, but he would never ask for help, just accept it if it was being offered. He's always smiling, with an occasional air headed comment as his mind drifts off and thinks about other things. He's the kind of person who likes to meet a lot of people, and be friends with as many people as possible because well why not? It makes life more fun that way, or at least that's how he feels.

+ Lots of layers of clothes
+ Anything warm
+ Pastries
+ Bright sunny days
+ Floofy fluffy things

- Rain
- High pitched metal sounds
- People who are super strict
- Alcohol

+ Very strong, able to pick up a lot of things with ease
+ Friendly and out going
+ Good with kids

- Too easy going, can be a pretty big pushover
- Doesn't always take care of himself like he should
- Can't swim (never learned)

Ryan is an optimistic person since he was a child, always choosing to stay on the bright side of things. He is an only child, and never really had much problem with his parents, they were more of the "free spirit" type. Around 15 years old he would start to babysit for families in the neighborhood, which ended up eventually leading to his daycare job years later. At 18 years old he started to work in construction and shared an apartment with his best friend for a couple of years to share the rent. Ryan had heard of Pokeburbia from a friend, and decided he wanted a fresh new start and moved to the city. He still keeps in touch with his closest friends, but decided he wanted to go places more than just the same few places he had lived all his life.

+ 6'2" in height
+ Always wears at least 3-4 layers of clothes no matter what season it is
+ Wears contacts, wore glasses until his early 20's
+ Before being a daycare worker in pburbia, he used to work in construction

(pre-pokeburia) Kazemaru Mertes :: His best friend since they were children, they did a lot of things together when they were younger, and they still keep in touch to this day.
(pre-pokeburbia) Marli and Rue Hallett :: The first two people he babysat in his teenager years, and because of this has a older brother like relationship with both. They still keep in touch and are still friends, and he regards them like they are his own siblings.
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ooh i enjoy his design 
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tyyy!! \ o / I like his design a lot actually LOL