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Flipt :: Ajisai Academy

By Wynautwai
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Name: Alecia Barros
Nickname: Flipt

Age: 18
Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual
Birthday: September 19th
Pokemon: Spinda

Year:  1st Year College

Dream Job: Stage Costume Designer
Club: Theatre

A cheerful Spinda that easily gets confused and has to backtrack for more than she likes to admit. She's pretty all over the place, sometimes jumping from one thing to another before jumping back. She doesn't try to be, she's just somewhat scatterbrained. She easily puts one hundred percent in the things she likes to do, but anything else she usually procrastinates until the last minute. (Or she subconsciously decides to forget about it until then, either one.) Easily makes mistakes, so much that she will usually give a harsher time to herself than other people would to her. She's fairly active, bouncing on her toes as she stands and waits among other things.


Flipt was the only child in her family, though this never really bothered her too much. When she was younger, he parents use to keep a careful eye on her, but as she got older her parents changed to jobs with more hours so she saw them less and less. Because of this, Flipt would try a variety of things to keep her amused, and also led to her being somewhat dependent on her own. Well besides at cooking, she still has trouble cooking due to her thoughts jumping back and forth. She became very well acquainted with her neighbor, who would bring her over extra food and attempt to teach her how to cook. Her neighbor was how she also discovered her love of sewing, and would send extra fabrics and things from his job to her. She spent the next years learning tips and tricks from him and doodling out designs for anything and everything. Even if she couldn't make them it was still fun to think about. When she finally saw a play on stage, she was head over heels for everything, the lights, the stage, the props, the costumes. It was at that moment she decided she wanted nothing more in her life then to be a part of making all of that happen, an ideal she still holds onto today.

Moving away to live on her own to go to Ajisai Academy was a huge decision for Flipt, but after being able to finally get in her first college year she jumped in head first. With such a prestigious place surely she could get a lot of experience right?

+ Sewing
+ Spinning around
+ Plushes
+ Nail Polish
+ Playing with other people's hair
+ Musicals

- Getting confused
- Being considered annoying to other people
- Her shortness
- Being called a ditz
- Waking up early
- Cold weather

* Her hair naturally curls only on one side.
* Call her by her actual name and she may just not answer because she's so used to be called her nickname instead.
* Likes to carry around a Spinda plush she made when she was younger. It's usually tucked underneath her arm or sticking out of her bag.
* Will make plushes for people who ask, its one of her favorite past times.
* Sometimes uses her Spinda plush as a pillow to sleep anywhere and everywhere.
* Paints her pointer fingers with neon green nail polish and her pinkies with orange. Sometimes also paints her other nails different colors.
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denplaysgamesStudent General Artist
She is the cutest Spinda ever!~ :D
That plushie is also a cute addition~
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AHHH thank you!! ;v;/
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Aww she is adorable~.
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dkfkjvhk tyyyy ;v;/
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Your welcome~.
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drayleanvros1024Student Artist
Awwwwwwwh she looks so cute Wai sdj;alkfds
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tyy kdjhfvjh You should think about joining with me nerd--- //HI T KJDHFV
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drayleanvros1024Student Artist
Maybe someday ;w; has student teaching coming up asldfjk
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I feel I feel no worries jdhkjfhc
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AtelierVanHobbyist Digital Artist
this is going to be her official theme song now www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNiXG…
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AtelierVanHobbyist Digital Artist
because you spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record :iconawedanceplz: :iconbricked-plz:
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