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Painting Process Tutorial: King of Spades

By wylielise
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I'm creating process tutorials for each and every painting in my Wicked Kingdom illustrated playing card series! This one's for the King of Spades; you can get your hands on the rest of them (and see more as they're created) by backing me on Patreon at
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I am totally impressed! I know I'll be watching your process video. Thanks very much for sharing.
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Thanks for a beautiful tutorial! As starting watercolour artist I really appreciate it. Btw your cards pictures are amazing.
tailinyan's avatar
Wow. It's a material for a DD
Bergholtz's avatar
I can only imagine how much trial and error that lies behind this beautiful painting process.
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you and your art were so adorable. the very fine long process is mesmerizing. you really impress me, i swear! true artist!!
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Your works are simply amazing. Thanks for sharing this!
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I thought I was the only one who did prep work in writing. :laughing: Great tutorial!
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"That's...oooooohalskdjfhalkh o____o" says I, under my breath.
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great technique, great outcome!
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Wonderful phenomenal tutorial! This was immensely educational and I am delighted that you will continue to post tutorials like these for the rest of your Wicked Kingdom on Patreon!
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That's totally lovely! Awesomely done ^-^
MJMSTUDIOS2020's avatar
Faved it. <3 VERY, VERY NICE WALKTHROUGH wylielise. <3
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This was a very nice walk through of the professional process. It is one thing to pick up a new medium and quite another to understand the high end process. Things like stretching the paper for watercolors would be something going blind into the process you wouldn't necessarily know to do.  This also highlights the many step process of making art, which non-artist tend to not think about.  I have learned a lot from this and thank you both for sharing your art and production process.
MJMSTUDIOS2020's avatar
I agree to. Nice walkthrough from ideas to drawing to the finishing process. =3
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Thank you so much for this.
I love your art, and seeing how it's done is absolutely fascinating =)
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Thank you for the tutorial. I really like your concept for the suits, and the way you use your media in your work, something I've been doing with acrylics, and I thought might work well with my "Oops!" piece as I intend to finish that one in oils.
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Great process tutorial! Thanks!
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You can be sure I will pay for this when you released it. Your technique is amazing, and your drawings are just perfect. Awesome!!
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Thank you for this.
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Incredibly Amazing!!! XD
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An amazingly thorough step by step. It's easy to forget how much time and effort goes into creating art when using traditional mediums when you're used to painting in digital. My love and respect for your work has increased tenfold!
ToandosNublado's avatar
I very much enjoyed the image in my ignorance of the process, but with this detailed walk-thru I appreciate it all the more.  Your mastery of technique demands respect.  Very glad to be watching.  Thanks for sharing.
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