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We take great comfort in the idea that within each of us, beneath the many masks we wear, is a kernel of "self" - something solid and unchanging that represents who we really are... In actuality, our personalities are an ever-changing mirror of our circumstances; each of us is a mere change of scenery away from yielding to our better angels or inner demons.


I painted this one in ink, watercolor, and white charcoal; you can find a step-by-step tutorial on the painting process here:… .
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I would love a print but I know I am way late. Is it feasible at all?

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Woah...this speaks to me!

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Very powerful!
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How was this not first place?! It's the most expressive out of the rest!
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Wow, this is an interesting work and well executed too!  
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Thanks for the tutorial! I always find watercolour mistifying
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Very nice work!!
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I can hold my breath for
43 minutes.
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This turned out amazing! Wonderful work!
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Very beautiful. A contrast of my life
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Such a deep piece of art; it's really well-done :)
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It really shows people everyday life
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This is what happen when real you self not fit in the environment we call society,as time goes on,you will realize : if you want more rich life, you must let masks become part of you personality. people are environment creature,not until society encourage or at least allow we show who we really are,the Masks will always around everyone... 
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Wonderful terrific work! 
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unmasking truth
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Beautifully weird and true!
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Worale, esta muy bueno
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We are human, we have emotion.
And this painting is full of emotion.

I never been so deep in my lifeKill Me - Sans 
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It's superb, I also love the way each mask looks like a speech bubble. a visual metaphor for our words being an element of the masks presented.
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