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Well Shit... by WyldWerewolf Well Shit... :iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 1 0
Of Praises and Pleas
The flat had fallen silent. John had gone to bed a few hours ago and Sherlock had played softly to lull the man into a deep sleep that would, hopefully, be uninterrupted by nightmares. He let the silence fill the room before setting his violin in its case and climbing the stairs to John’s room.
Sherlock stood just outside the door, left open slightly to listen to the music that drifted upwards, and leaned against the doorway. For several moments, there was only the sound of rustling sheets and a light snore. He waited a few moments more, wondering if he missed his chance tonight, but was delightfully rewarded as he straightened.
The word was spoken softly, with such fondness that Sherlock couldn’t help but grin.
“Mad, but brilliant.” An aborted laugh interrupted the soft words. “And I love him. Love it when he does that…”
It had been an accident, discovering John’s routine of talking to himself in his sleep.
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 0 0
A Bit of Dirt
    “Josef McCrae.” 
    Ares looked up, frowning for a moment. “Who…?” 
    “The one you were asking about. The owner of the publishing company who Lilian knew when your father was still here, sir.” 
    “Ah, yes, thank you.” Ares took the file from the cheetah. The feline nodded and disappeared, leaving the wolf alone in his office once more. 
    He opened the file and began reading, his frown deepening as he continued into the extensive paperwork. There was so much he was concerned with, so much he didn’t like the sound of. 
    And to think that he had been a part of Lilian’s life for as long as he had… Ares shuddered before slamming the file shut and picking up the phone. It was past time for this little chat. 
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 1 0
Some Secrets Should Stay Secrets
    “Josef McCrae.”
    Ares looked up, frowning for a moment. “Who…?”
    “The one you were asking about. The owner of the publishing company who Lilian knew when your father was still here, sir.”
    “Ah, yes, thank you.” Ares took the file from the cheetah. The feline nodded and disappeared, leaving the wolf alone in his office once more.
    He opened the file and began reading, his frown deepening as he continued into the extensive paperwork. There was so much he was concerned with, so much he didn’t like the sound of.
    And to think that he had been a part of Lilian’s life for as long as he had… Ares shuddered before slamming the file shut and picking up the phone. It was past time for this little chat.
    “Since I’ve renegotiated things with quite a fe
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 1 0
Secrets Secrets
    “Another dollar, another day,” the snow leopard chuckled, nudging the black wolf next to him in the arm. “Eh, Victor?”
    The grin on the feline’s face clearly showed just how naïve he was in this world. Yet, the wolf expected nothing less from his newest handler. The cat would learn and learn quick or push him onto yet another handler more swiftly than the last.
    “Suppose so,” Victor muttered, rubbing at the healing scar on his face. How long did it take a wound that size to heal; gods know he wished it was over already. “Next assignment?”
    “There's a break between assignments. You need time to heal.” The snow leopard frowned. “Especially that wound on your face. I think you may have ripped a stitch again.”
    “I know when I need a break, Josef, give me the next assignment.”
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 1 0
Wake-Up Call
Sherlock blinked, coming back to the present with a grunt. Some noise or another had rudely pulled him back from his mind palace. He closed his eyes, listening to the soft ambient noise in the flat, trying to place what had dragged his attention back. When he heard nothing for several moments, he sat up with a growl feeling more than a bit irritated. Surely, something had –
The tall detective froze, halfway between standing and sitting. His muscles protested for a moment until he straightened, smoothing his hands along his pants in an absentminded gesture. It had been merely been John’s voice from upstairs shouting down. Obviously, it was that which had pulled him from his mind palace.
“God, please…”
Ah, a nightmare then. Sherlock swiftly strode across the room and picked up his violin. Placing it on his shoulder, tucking it beneath his chin, he pulled the bow across the strings, making a gentle hiss. There was no dou
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 2 7
Pretty by WyldWerewolf Pretty :iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 3 0
Mature content
The Secret Lives of Old Friends :iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 0 0
Bleeding Through - 2
I looked over to my right to see an older man sitting in a chair next to the bed I was laying on. For a moment, my vision was hazy and I couldn’t quite see him clearly. As it cleared, I could see a smug smile on his lips.
“Never you mind,” was his response, interrupting me. “How are you feeling?”
I opened my mouth to spit out “I’m fine,” but I hesitated, taking a second to actually assess how I felt. I dropped my head into my hands, wincing at how bright the room still appeared.
“Everything hurts,” I muttered. “What happened?”
“You have a marvelous gift,” the man chuckled, though it held little humor, “Something we had thought was gone. You have a sixth sense, if you want to call it that. Our ancestors once called it ‘eagle vision’; the ability to see what others cannot.”
“Which can cause a bleeding effect, bringing the past crashing down around m
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 2 0
Bleeding Through - 1
I sprinted across a rooftop, my eyes nearly closed as I enjoyed the sensation of the wind across my face and the feel of the tiles beneath my feet. I jumped, rolling as I landed, and sprinted towards the tower. I only paused for a moment before bounding upward, ignoring the shocked gasps and annoyed yells of those below me.
I halted once I reached the roof of the tower, holding tightly to the pillar that held up the canopy. I looked down at the town below me and sighed. They did not know that they harbored a Precursor piece in their town, nor would they ever. The Order within the town knew, but they would keep it locked away and hidden from the world. They had even offered me to a position in their town, so that I may finally rest from my journey.
I stepped down and slid to the ground, letting my back rest against the raised lip of the roof’s edge. I had turned them down as I had turned every other Order down before them. With a grimace, I realized that I had turned down every ch
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 2 0
The Creed 24
“Are you going to say good-bye before we leave for gods only know how long?” Elijah asked. “They are your parents after all.”
I shook my head and pulled on the hood of my cloak, the very one that had once belonged to the Wolf of Stalingrad. “No,” I glanced at my friend, touching the necklace Victor had swiped from me on my first “assignment”. “Good-bye is too final. I’m just not there right now, but perhaps I’ll return…”
I turned as my blood-father saluted us, smirking to myself. He knew there was no shame in leaving without a good-bye. And, who knows, once the Pieces are scattered across the clans and the world, perhaps I would return to this place. But, for now, I was free to do as I chose.
And I could not wait to begin anew…
And our merry ride with these characters is over. I truly hope you enjoyed this little thing that popped up from the vast chaos is my mind. I appreciate your comments, favs,
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 1 0
Unexpected Flight

“An air mattress?”
“Shut up, Sherlock,” John muttered darkly. “It’s the best Greg could do on short notice, alright? Just go get ready for bed, I’ll blow the damn thing up.”
Sherlock raised an eyebrow at the inflatable device before spinning out of the room and towards the bathroom. John rolled his eyes, but quickly found the pump and plugged it. Flipping the switch, the room filled with noise as the machine blew air into the mattress. A few minutes later, John switched it off and stored the pump somewhere out of the way.
“Bloody prat,” the doctor muttered as he stood and stretched, glancing around the DI’s flat. “His fault for nearly killing us with his damn experiments.”
“Miscalculation, John,” Sherlock snorted, coming back into the stare at their makeshift bed for the evening. “Won’t happen again. Are you sure he doesn’t have an
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 0 0
AfE - 35 - Forgotten
Ears perked up as she paused, listening to the sounds around her. She was mid-stride as she waited for one heartbeat, two beats, before hurrying onward to a near-hidden cave. She hesitated once more just outside the hidden entrance, to make sure no one had followed her.
Hearing nothing unusual, she quickly ducked between the long strands of ivy and vines, shifting into her natural form. A few heartbeats more she waited, listening hard to hear any sound of footsteps, bird call, or anything that was not the near-silence of the forest.
When nothing presented itself, she stood and dusted herself off and headed down the tunnel, flicking on the flashlight she’d carried in her mouth to light her path.
“You’re late, Qamar.” A voice called out in the darkness.
The woman rolled her eyes as she paused near a torch, pulling out a lighter, and setting it aflame. She mimicked the movement among the other torches that lit the way towards the clearing, six in all, until she sto
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 1 0
The Creed 23
Days later…
Jillian smirked as she climbed the ladder to the roof of her home, spotting the rogue as he stared out across the city, close and yet so far from the compound’s wall. He seemed not to notice her, but she knew he wasn’t oblivious to her presence.
“I didn’t realize they’d released you from the hospital.” She approached him from behind and sat next to him.
“According the doctors, I never left” The grin he wore was mischievous as he looked over at her.
Jillian shook her head, saving her breath knowing that it would be wasted on telling him what would happen if he hurt himself again. He was bound to injure himself one way or another, it was simply who he was.
“So,” he sighed, wrapping his uninjured arm around her waist. “I see all of our artifacts are missing.”
She mirrored his breath, closing her eyes. “It is quite possible they are with our daughter and her friend.” She frowned
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 2 0
Superheroes are Great and All...
I should have chosen a different café. I should have stayed home. I probably should have done a dozen different things by the time I gave my order to the barista and sat down. But I did none of them as I pulled out my laptop and opened it to the handful of usual pages.
I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, not really, but in a crowded place like this, it was hard not to. Everyone wanted to be heard, but not so much that they were yelling over the other customers. It was a low rumble, in all honesty, but I could hear the two girls sitting next to me quite clearly.
“He’s so yummy!” The blonde crooned, giggling at some photo on her phone. “I mean, who wouldn’t like to just eat him up!”
“And he’s an Asgardian!” Her friend let out a squeal that made me twitch. “Ugh, gods are who are superheroes are just so, ugh!”
I stifled a sigh. The old “superheroes are hot” bit. Sure, they’re great and all,
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 2 0
Dance Lessons
“Come on, husband. Let’s go.”
“This is a waltz, is it?” John raised an eyebrow at Sherlock. Mary laughed as she pulled him further on the floor.
“Don’t worry, Mary, I have been tutoring him.” Sherlock smirked.
“He did you know. Baker Street, behind closed curtains.” John turned to face his new wife, taking her hand and wrapping his free one around her waist. “Mrs. Hudson came in one time. Don’t know how those rumors started!”
“Tango or waltz?”
John looked up from the newspaper he’d been reading, frowning slightly at his flatmate. “What?”
The taller man rolled his eyes with a sigh. “Pay attention, John, this is for your wedding. Tango or waltz?”
John frowned for a moment, trying to figure out why that was a relevant question. Sherlock watched him, eyebrow raised in silent annoyance, lips twitching as the older man gave a quiet,
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 0 0

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An Unexpected Reunion
 The thought of my brother even being near her made me uneasy, knowing he was in the same forest as me enraged me.  Hell he could be watching right now, he was a master of stealth same as me, after all this time he just comes out of the blue expecting to be an ally with her and she expects me to up and forgive him after all he did to me.
As I walk through the village I call home and the other Lycans I watch over and protect can see that something is eating away at me, and trust me I am about to snap and hunt him down, "Victor," said a familiar female voice, as I turned around and sure enough it was the pup, "hey pup I'm a little busy, what do you need," I replied.
"Well I was wondering what you were busy with maybe I could help," she said as she rubbed her the back of her head.  I smiled and shook my head, "no pup you need to rest, after that flashback you must be weak, head back-" I said, "I'm not a child anymore Victor I can handle myself," she interrupted me.  Sh
:iconwar-wolf0534:War-Wolf0534 2 0
Festival of Hearts
 It was that time of the year again, the festival of hearts have come to Miesha's pack once again, the Lycans that joined her pack over the years were exchanging gifts with one another and the gifts they gave her were on a table, she walked through groups of Lycans everyone of them telling her a happy Festival of Hearts.
"Hey Mickey, try to enjoy yourself you have been distracted all week," said Tysander as he walked up beside her and put his arm around her shoulder.  she nearly jumped at Tysander's voice, "sorry Ty, I've just had a lot on my mind for the past week, she replied with a sigh.
"Like what," he asked confused, "I don't know, I have been thinking of our time back in Romania," she said, "Yeah that was an adventure for all of us, or maybe you're thinking of a certain wolf," he said teasingly.  "What? No, besides I haven't a heard a word of him for a few years now," she said as she blushed, secretly she wished she could see the only the man who challenged her to
:iconwar-wolf0534:War-Wolf0534 2 0
Comin Home
As I laid in a wheat field I could hear voices calling for me, I am too weak too move and I have lost too much blood I'm on the verge of passing out and going into shock.
Again I hear the voice, they sound familiar but I couldn't remember the faces that the voices belong too.
As I begin to blackout I could feel a hand press against my chest bad idea, I cough up some blood.  I open up my eyes to see my brother kneeling next to me, "Matthias," I said weakly.
"Hold on Victor, your going to be alright don't talk save your strength," he said as he reached into his bag.
AS I close my eyes again I can hear another voice, this one I could recognize from anywhere, "Matthias, can you help him, Victor can you hear me," Miesha's voice said with fear and sorrow in her voice.
I opened my eyes again to see her face, and her eye were full of tears, I smiled, "I'm here pup, but I don't think I can heal from this," I said weakly as I moved my hand and revealed
:iconwar-wolf0534:War-Wolf0534 2 0
 She couldn't believe she was doing this, the man she looked up to as a mentor and the only male Lycan she had deep feelings for.
"Hey pup nice to see you here," said Victor as he sat down next to her at the bar.
"Hey Victor its good to see you again as well, here I got us some wine," she said with a smile.  She was the only one he let down his guard.
"Wine? Eh, anything with alcohol," he said with a smile as he poured the wine into a glass, "so why did you bring me all the way out here anyways," he asked.
"Can I have some alone time with the Alpha," she said teasingly as she  fiddled with her hair.
Sometime had passed as the two were conversing, Victor began to feel light headed, "Whoa man, I think that wine is stronger than I expected," he slurred and fell back onto the floor.
Miesha stood over him and looked down at him with sorrow in her eyes, "Im sorry Victor, I drugged you," she said but her voice held no sorrow, "You drank the same wine as me, how come you aren't
:iconwar-wolf0534:War-Wolf0534 2 0
  "Tell me again why we are here," groaned Tysander as he walked beside his sister as they walked towards a forest in southern Russia, "we are going to meet Victor here, you could have just stayed behind you know," she replied as she noticed a large black Lycan standing at the forest edge.
"Ah glad you guys can make it," said Victor as the two approached him, "glad to be here Victor, tell me where are we," said Miesha with a smile, but Ty kept his mouth shut.  "Well this is where I became a Lycan, this is where my story began this time around anyways," he said with a small chuckle.
"So Victor what kind of pack should we be expecting," asked Tysander, wanting to protect his sister, "don't worry bluejay, the pack is friendly but they have a few out and about looking after the territory," he replied, "but don't worry they already know we are here," he said with a smile as he turned and lead them deeper into the forest.
After what seemed like hours a small group of Lycans appeare
:iconwar-wolf0534:War-Wolf0534 3 0
A forest appeared in front of me there was fresh fallen show making the moonlight shine off of the forest floor, no footprints disturbed the fallen snow.
As I pass through the trees I could hear the voices in the darkness and none of them were making any sense I could barely hear the words they were saying.  As I searched for her I couldn't find her I called out her name but I didn't get a response.
As I reached a clearing I could see something in the snow but I couldn't see what it was.
:iconwar-wolf0534:War-Wolf0534 2 0
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Just dropped in to let y'all know I'm still around and making art of some kind or another, just not posting as often.

BUT I am posting again. It's been almost 6 months since my last journal, but I have posted the occasional story. I just won't tell you I'm posting something and then never get around to it. ^^; Things will be posted as I write them. Mostly because I'm at a point in my life that I'm not sure what I want to do.

I'm still doing the secondary cert thing, but I now know that 1) it's taken me 2 years to get where I'm at with the program and 2) it's going to take longer to finish it than I'd like. They went from a wall of text on a web page (which I could manage and do at my own pace) to make it into a sort of PowerPoint that reads each page to me, forces me to listen to it read the questions, and then and only then may I continue to click the "next" button/answer the questions once it's FINISHED reading.
This is INCREDIBLY frustrating as a visual/tactile learner. It was pointed out that this may have been done to be more "inclusive" to other students, however, they have made it about 100% harder and more frustrating for me. I actually get upset to the point where I break down and cry. I can't get through a single lesson in a few hours anymore. It actually takes me much longer. Delightful.

I'm still subbing, sending my resume out to folks in hopes of getting something better, so I'm still writing when inspiration strikes. Doodling occasionally, but I think my drawing days are over. Not getting Photoshop anymore (Pixlr is about as good right now for the little things I do edit), my printer/scanner is a bit dumb (broken maybe?), and I don't have my own laptop at the moment. 

Here I am bumming myself out, geez. Anyway, I'll let y'all get on with things.

Until next time my lovelies. :blowkiss:
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I don't use chatrooms much anymore, but those I do use revolve around roleplaying. I miss RPing, y'all should rp with me! #shareyourheart #roleplay 


JLT/"Dakota Wulf"
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United States
I'm 28, married, and working on becoming an author and HS English teacher. I am a Graduate and Alumni of Angelo State University (the other ASU) and am ready to start my alternative certificate with the state so I can become a Secondary English teacher. Wish me luck?

I will, ON SPARSE OCCASION, update The Vampire Next Door/Always for Eternity. It is currently under construction once again, since I realized that I wasn't liking where it was headed this time around. Things were wonky and I wasn't happy with it.

I love to roleplay and am willing to rp just about anything! Send me a note if you're interested and we can chat! :D


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