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One grander by far


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Young Namori

Fullmetal Alchemist

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This is Halloween

FMAB OC Amy Ferelle

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Ling Yao

FMA Ling

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Greed Doodles

FMA Greed

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FMA Homunculus

FMA Lust

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Megata no Kyojin

Attack on Titan

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The Future is NOW

Back to the Future

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The Reader

Fantastic Art

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A Messy Date (BB-8 x Reader x Poe Dameron)

 A little sequel to The Droid That Saved You in which you finally agree to go on a date with Poe...with BB interrupting... "BB, where's my shoes?!" The little ball-like orange and white droid huffed angrily as he brushed the shoes behind Poe's black helmet. He really hoped Poe wouldn't find them. Poe was up and ready for the date with (y/n) but he needed the last items to his clothing. Luckily, he also had a spare jacket. He didn't mind lending the jacket to Finn though even if he didn't have a spare. He owed Finn one for saving him from the First Order. And now he was going to owe him again when he raced right over to him, yelping about

Star Wars

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Paint Tool SAI - Lesson 1


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Prowl (human)

Transformers Animated

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[OPEN|YCH 121] No Obligation

Drawing References

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