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Did you know that you don't need a premium membership t...

  |  104 votes
  • yep!
  • whaaat? no!! thanks for telling me XD

Do you believe in stargates?

  |  100 votes
  • yes
  • no
  • not sure
  • what's a stargate?

if you found me chained up in a dungeon you would...

  |  166 votes
  • free me
  • keep me as a pet
  • try to have sex with me
  • take a photo

Do you have an art education or are you self taught?

  |  218 votes
  • studying art in college/uni
  • basic art education
  • self taught

Poll result: 28% for love/sex. Your opinion?

  |  184 votes
  • sex is just as important as love
  • sex can ruin a relationship
  • i prefer to love myself
  • i don't care about love, just sex
  • love and sex need to be a spiritual experience
  • i've no experience in any of this
  • i prefer the kinky stuff
  • i only need one person to fulfill me
  • i need multiple partners to fulfill me
  • no comment :P