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Raven's Tale II

By wyldraven
"I searched for the raven to guide me in the dark forest."

The 2nd picture in a small series.


Stock used:
forest: *anaRasha-stock [link]
ravens: *unholy-stock [link]
texture frame: ~pareeerica [link]
lantern: =Pieceofmestock [link]
butterflies: ~IWS-stock
cloak: other
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© 2009 - 2021 wyldraven
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Love the effect and mood.
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I am in love with Raven's tale II for my women's counseling office!
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Dear Wyldraven do have a print of this for sale or license prints?
 pls email me at
wyldraven's avatar
i don't actually sell prints myself, but this site offers a print service. What size you were after? 

18x24 or larger

Tryng to post a comment....
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"The forest whispers my name" 

Nice picture goes to a horrifying tale. 
If i am actually making a tale (if i have time) im putting an  clear inspiration link to your picture!Huggle! 
wyldraven's avatar
what kind of horrifying tale? :)
one day i want to visit a vast forest.... i have only walked in woodlands, but i would love to go somewhere magical, like the Carpathians in Romania.

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Well, something that makes you "catched", but yet touched by it's sorrow. :) 

Oooh, the woodlands, i want to be there. 
Yeah exactly, a deep forest with mountains as far as we could see.

Carpathians? Ive never heard of it :O badly enough xD

wyldraven's avatar
sounds good :)

the Carpathians are in Romania (and the setting for Bram Stoker's Dracula ;) )  beautiful mountains and forests. 
Cold-Guts's avatar
You Like Dracula? :)
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i do :) although most depictions are pretty corny (in mass media that is). My favourite film is the 1992 version of Dracula.
many of my fantasies involve a vampire :D
Cold-Guts's avatar
Ive never seen it xD altough, i am planning to do it ! 
Is it verrry goood? :) 

I really like Van Helsing! The new version, with Dracula xD you actually remind me of him in that movie :D 

But i guess you don't like The Vampire Diaries? XD
wyldraven's avatar
i liked it :) it's still quite popular... has great atmosphere.
ooh yeah, i loved Van Helsing too!

actually, i'm not sure. i've only ever watched it in short segments when skipping through the channels, but it didn't captivate me.  I prefer traditional vampire settings. The modern day vampires make me groan, haha :P
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It's rare; a picture might be beautiful without having an atmosphere -- it becomes rather empty. Looking on your work, it's as if I am there, or so it feels. Goes straight to the faves.
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thank you for the nice comment! :)
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brilliant art hun you must send it in to WTP group to share it so beautiful
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Love the mood <3
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