Trip to Jacksonville, Florida

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I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida for 14 years. I graduated from Lee High, I learned to drive there, needless to say, a lot of my life was there.

I went to a lot of places today, showing my husband the old high school, a few elementary schools I attended, the place where I played little league softball. We went to the Landing and had a great lunch on the river. I was going to go to the Riverwalk, but it is a romantic place and its not so romantic during daylight. I told my hubby we would be back one night next year to enjoy the scenery.

I took a few pictures and added them to my gallery. I was quite proud of these, but my best friend, :iconayleana:, (who I stayed with during my senior year of high school to finish it out), will make a few comments I'm sure of where I could have cropped it better or changed the color. LOL (she knows I love her and her critique).

I got some great Christmas cards from my family. My aunt from Indiana sent me one the other day and when I opened it, I was going nuts. The card had glitter all over it and when I opened it, it snowed all over me. I told my husband, "Oh my God! She sent me snow from Indiana." It gave me chills and I had a tear in my eyes. I haven't seen real snow since we moved from Indiana when I was almost five years old. I still rememeber it though.

It is very warm in Florida right now. Go figure, we froze our asses off last week and come Christmas week, it feels like spring. Well, that's Florida in all of it's glory.

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Couldn't figure what I wanted to feature for the month of January (I know it's early, I don't care) so I have decided on HARRY POTTER. I will add more as I find them.

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Thank you for the feature and for putting this together. It's fun to see all the different artwork for HP all together :)