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Inking With a Lightbox

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Published: November 12, 2006
© 2006 - 2020 wyldflowa
Second tutorial of the day! This has been on my webcomic site for quite a while now~ I thought I'd share it with you guys as well~ and pimp my comic. PIMP.

The final image can be seen here. :)

This is just what it says on the tin - how I ink with my Lightbox~ The only thing I have to say is that wherever you see "curved ruler" in there exchange it for "French Curve". I didn't know they had a proper name... XD I just use the things! I don't need their name! aha~ And if you want to find out where you can buy some Google "French Curves" not "curved rulers"... X3

This tutorial is copyright to me~ so don't ask to host it elsewhere - it's for MY DA and MY DD sites ONLY. Boo.
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Very helpful advice and beautiful artwork as well. Thank you.
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FantasytravelerHobbyist Digital Artist
when using a light box can you use plain white copy paper to trace or do you need tracing paper?
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Kool tutorial, thanks :D
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eternaldaysStudent General Artist
<bu>or make a tutorial :B

geez i really need someone to teach me to use it for drawing effects. & i need to learn to use it for accuracy in curve graphs. (yesh blasted flexi rulers)

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I've never understood how people use those curvy rulers. I mean, they have a limited number of curves after all, how can you be sure you need just one of THOSE in your drawing, and not one that's slightly different? :confused: I know, noob question, sorry.
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karlarei2003Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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ajmadeeStudent General Artist
whoa! way awesome *tackle hugs* i think I'll make a light box... cheaper than buying one and I need something to do over the summer...
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saintfighteraquaHobbyist Traditional Artist
How incredibly helpful!! Thank you!
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TheSketcherProfessional General Artist
Nice tutorial~! ^_^ Hey, where did you get your lightbox, what's the brand and how much did it cost you?
Icetrix's avatar
You can do this very neat^^, i am new to traditional inkin... and i aint good in it^^.
Can you give me recommendations for brands and sizes?
p3hrmne's avatar
it's insane how clean your line work is
warrlokk's avatar
I've heard that drawing things upside down is actually easier/better. don't know if it's true or not
Ikasan's avatar
well some ppl dont have cool thing like ink avallable
ps:i spelt that wrong on purpose
pss:i love ur clean hanf X3
Shippo-no-neko's avatar
Ahh, yeah, I remember this from your comic! I love the way you ink ^__^ Right now, though, I need a lightbox :'(
Shippo-no-neko's avatar
Ahh, yeah, I remember this from your comic! I love the way you ink :O Right now, though, I need a lightbox :'O
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Thanks for that awesome tutorial! One question which I've always wanted to ask amazing artists like you - looking at the fourth photo in your tutorial - how do you manage to make the eye shapes so symmetrical? Do you measure it out?
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wyldflowaHobbyist Digital Artist
If I'm drawing something traditionally yes, I will measure it out by drawing straight lines from each significant point on the eye and drawing with those as a guide. You can also flip the paper over and look at it in reverse (by holding it up to a bright light) to see where you've gone wonky...

For this picture though... I drew it in photoshop and um... just mirrored the eye over with the transform tool... *shameful*
serpentdoness's avatar
Ah, I see. Thanks!

Lol, I'd probably do that too if I drew straight into photoshop...but I just can't make my lines not wobbly, so I always pencil traditionally >_<.
wistaire's avatar
ooh, i remember this one from rainbow carousel! X3 which is awsome btw... love your art!
koiishi's avatar
i like it but it would help it it was a bit bigger..i'm blind ;>.>
i love it anyway
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igtica General Artist
That's awesome. I love it when talented people share their secrets. i too love the clean hand bit ;P
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BlackHeartBelovedHobbyist General Artist
I really loved the washing hands part!! X3
Manga-mace's avatar
cool ^_^ i want my lineart to look as good as yours ^_^
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