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Seven Deadly Sins Contest -…


1. You can use this stock anywhere on DeviantArt, but please note us so we can see your piece. This includes using our stock as a drawing reference! You can use this stock off of DeviantArt if you ASK first.

2. You have permission to use our stock for prints on DA. Except for pictures of Ashley. If you do make a print please let us know so we can buy it!

3. Respect the models. While I have some more sensual stock please remember that the models are kind enough to do this for me (and you) so please respect them.

4. Requests- If you see a costume you like and need a pose in that we don't have let me know. My models love to get dressed up!

5. Please don't use my scraps for stock- they are personal pictures that I've put up to share with my friends and family. If you really love a scrap then please note me and ask if you can use it.

Stock Buddies and Models

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I used one of your stock for a two min doodle reference, is it OK if I post it in my sketchbook on Concept Art as long as I link back?