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Requests - Open by SweetDuke
if your wondering where i been atm i'm battling a very bad cold and flu currently right now so that's why i've havn't been active on deviantart so yea. during the writing of this journal shot show 2018 is going live right now in las vegas nevada so i decided that the next couple of days i'll be uploading some brand new guns for 2018 and new ones from shot show 2018 cause why the fuck not. i might be trying to upload maybe sometime around february or march cause the reason is because of my flu kept on being in my way to do my guns and stuff like that so yea.
so many of you guys are asking me what software i've use for my photos. well for the most part i use microsoft paint because it's my
favourite editor to use for all of my photos. also i make my guns from microsoft paint, the reason is i make guns it's because it's a tubular ranged weapon that typically designed to pneumatically discharge projectiles that are solid but can use for bullets and also be liquid or even charged particles and may be free-flying or tethered.

i should also remind you all who are reading this journal that i'm releasing some new guns tomorrow and the 8th of january so yea.
the fcc need to be stopped right at this moment because they are discontinuing the net neutrality so listen up people,

we need to get rid of the FCC or it will get worse than ever! #savetheinternet #stopthefcc #savenetneutrality 
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