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KR-02 [Blackberry]  VERSION

              Fixed Concept   


             M A X W E L L 

Inspired by The Original Concep Art Of

Josh Kao (Joshk92) and his "Loader Bot"…

-Autodesk Maya 2015 & Original Custom Made Parts[Base Meshes with Modified Primitives]
/Props Missiles [14X] & Gatling Gun 
(Pincers) Modified Arms and the Chasis
using the reference Of Josh Kao. 

-Zbrush 4R6 [Details/ High Poly Model] / Digital Sculpting/ 
with a Fixed Pose & Subtool Master] & Some IMM Parts. 
And Also pieces from SpiderBot Set [IMM] For Tiny Pieces
IMM Spaceship parts by Pixolator (Pipe3) & SpiderBot Fixed [Badking]
Pieces (Support Bracket/Tech Cylinder) Plus Original

-Photoshop Cs6 [Color Correction / Vignette and
Digital Compositing] Color Palette 

 Listening to:   - HYPERCRUSH!

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BillyNikoll's avatar
That is a mystery MEGABOT...
JDOUG5189's avatar
This thing reminds me of the end game boss from an old psx game called Tiny tank
WXKO's avatar
Final Boss hell yeah! =D 
JDOUG5189's avatar
lol. i could never figure out how to KILL that guy once i finally made it to him, shootin him in the back with Tiny's nose didn't do much and finding a secondary weapon with the necessary power was a major hassle
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
WXKO's avatar
I aprreciate that = D 
Tank-Dragon's avatar
Now this is one hell of a war machine!
WXKO's avatar
Yep it comes with 14X Missiles who knows what kinda stuff Its gonna find 
Tank-Dragon's avatar
SXC-150's avatar
Oh wow...Future is comming...
WXKO's avatar
Yeah You might also like this one  ODIN MECH by WXKO
SXC-150's avatar
Woah...looks really amazing!
WXKO's avatar
xyz-dbz's avatar
Do more digimon
WXKO's avatar
Hhahaaha Hell yeah! Good Idea I've been thinking about that you know  I'm planning to do some crazy Fan Art Maybe Pupetmon or some kinda complex character it takes me days :P but do you have something in mind? 
xyz-dbz's avatar
How about the one in my avatar :D
WXKO's avatar
Wargraymon! That's one of the best characters ever I'm gonna practice a litte bit more and when I feel ready Ill do it because I think is way difficult and a big challenge but Ima find out how to make it 😃
xyz-dbz's avatar
choose the version you like most  :D
WXKO's avatar
Thanks! If you have time I recommend this epic video…
MimiMiaART's avatar
thank you!
really intresting video! i watched  Hi! 
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