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The Witcher 3: Ciri FanArt

By wwysocki
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© 2015 - 2021 wwysocki
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Nice portrayal of Ciri, though it could equally portray Celaena Sardothien
Nice depiction. She also reminds me of Celaena Sardothien in elven form.
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wait dident i see this in my art book hold on(hums) o no some horreboll idees for ciri tho glad thay choice the one thay did haha anyway good job ^^
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thanks man, i guess? =D 
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must've taken quite some time hu?
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not that long acctually. about 6-8 hours of work.
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The sword is facing the wrong way if she turned around, just thought I should tell you. :)
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oh, ooooh, i've missed that! thanks xD 
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wonderful good work. My compliments
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I love this much more than the game version :)
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I like the texture, shading and lighting. Great piece.
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This is like my favorite rendition of Ciri! 
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Hey!, digging the work...I was wondering if there is any chance of you doing some work for a pretty big project I’m doing known as “Project GL”. Said project involves me mock casting, budgeting, scoring, writing a pilot, etc… for a CW Green Lantern TV show that I then plan on pitching to the network (I do have a way to get it to the execs of Arrow/The Flash)…if you can/will help just shoot me a message at with the subject line “Project GL”, and then a link to your dev. art! (or the username). 

Also if you would be interested in doing general pieces for my Facebook page (43k and growing) that would be awesome!!!

 Thanks! -Arrowverse

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Hey, I'm happy you like my work. Hit me with a PM with what you need so we can figure something out ;) 
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Zdecydowanie ten strój bardziej pasuje do Ciri. Jeszcze więcej takich prac. :D
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Genialnee~~! ;D
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Super. Świetnie pasujący strój do postaci, jak na moje oko (najwyraźniej nie tylko moje ;) ).
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Ta wizja Ciri jak najbardziej mi odpowiada
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o wow. Chyba więcej nie potrafię z siebie an ten temat wykrzesić. To jest naprawdę niesamowite 
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