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As of 6th rainbringer 625 AR, Officer of the Crown, Sir Martin Ervych, Commander of the Anchorfall City Guard, has Declared WANTED by the rightful Authorities of H.R.M. Adelev IV, Sovereign Ruler of Varmhjelm: a criminal, for multiple counts of theft, burglary, trespassing, smuggling, trade of stolen goods, forgery, &c., named FAIRA ATIVEL, a lass of 22 yrs, of skinny form, 5 feet 8 inches in ht., raven hair, fair skin, Treglin-born citizen of ours. Sketch by U.L. based upon accounts of the witnesses & the Guard.

The Crown pays 1000 Ducats for the capture or inf.mation leading to the capture of this individual. Also possibly a few p:nies for the same, regarding the as-of-yet unknown typesetter, who left a lot of space to the end of the page & the print house door unlocked, leading to the unprecedented case of criminal medding with her own wanted-poster and thus bringing forth minor Disrepute to the already somewhat questionable Anchorfall City Guard.


Due to the unforeseen circumstances, this is the only Wanted Poster that Anchorfall's valiant guard force put out in an effort to catch Faira Ativel in autumn 625 AR. Unfortunately, the guard force was in a little bit of a rush (as always!) and no one had time to actually check what the poster says. The poor printer took the typeset page as he got it, proceeded to print a few hundred copies over night, and in the wee hours, the city guards plastered these in many, many street corners. And then it kind of dawned. The rest, as they say, is history.


This was done in The GIMP. Also tested the confusing but fascinating new xsane scanner frontend. Basically, I wanted to do something simple: My graphic tablet drivers are busted in 7.3 (can't do CorePointer right now, which makes drawing an exercise in frustration) and the fixed version isn't yet in Debian. So, I did something that just required a crude sketch, some text layout, and a few graphical tricks like bumpmapping and such. =)

Fonts: FetteFraD & Tannenberg Fett, both found on some random web page. Old paper texture grabbed from Wikipedia PD images. =)
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