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I been dealing with a really awful guy and no, I'm not talking about the one that keeps stalking me, it's a very different guy.
Apparently if I believe in "reincarnation" with the belief of what I want to be in the belief of an "afterlife", I am considered an "mental illness", or "not ok", etc.
And of course, acted bigoted by pretending the possible popular belief is "fact" when it's just beliefs.

What I mean is that, I do not believe 'I' am a human. But I'm talking about the theory that this 'You' are a soul or spirit (or both) and not the body. To me, I consider the 'body' human, but my 'true self' (soul, etc) to be non-human.
And at the same time, I believe I can be anything I want... as a spirit through mind. And I do believe if I die, I want to be anything I want to be.

With THIS belief, I do not see how I'm "delusional" because nobody knows how the spiritual world works, while it could be hard to prove that 'You are not human', it can be hard to prove that 'you are' because where is the proof that you are just a body? You could really be a soul.

Anyway, I looked up 'Otherkin' (A small taboo?) and I figured out that it talks about people who believe they are 'not human', like as general as that. Ugh
And honestly though, even for physical, believe what you want. There is even a theory that your mind creates your body and another theory that this world is just a dream.

Anyway, if that's considered Otherkin, then I don't know why people look against that.
There is nothing wrong or unhealthy with believing that you are a soul and not human.
There is nothing wrong or unhealthy with believing in reincarnation to anything you want.
There is nothing wrong or unhealthy with believing that this reality is a dream, etc.
Because what if it's true?
Even for those who believe their body is a 'cat', I'm not against it, but that could be risky.. And hey, a body could be all transformed by the subconscious.

And I don't see how believing in unexplained theories makes it "unhealthy" and considering, where is the proof that the current popular belief of this reality is "true"?

Does any expert know much about this idea of "otherkin"?

Edit: Speaking o 'Otherkin', I found this: danganronpaocinsp.tumblr.com/p…
I found this too on there:
First of all, there is no disorder known as “Special Snowflake Syndrome” that can be found anywhere in psychiatric literature. Second of all, this idea where anyone who identifies as anything other than cishet/neurotypical/traditionally sexual/spiritually and mentally human/etc is “attention-seeking” seems like a bunch of pointlessly unkind and whiny stuff to say about people. Unless otherkin are reblogging literally everything you write with, “yeah but I’m otherkin so I’m more special than you!” I don’t exactly see how being otherkin is “special snowflake-ing.”
Still don't know though about me.. I'm the type of guy with known soul religion, etc. But with a very free thinking?
Edit done.


Note: I have stalkers here, I wouldn't surprised if those assholes made another reaction. Even if I don't mention them.
I know that one guy won't (I think) but the stalkers I have, might.
If they do, please ignore them. They will just force their personal non-sourced beliefs on other people.
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