No REM and Vortex, you Never won - UPDATE

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This goes for anyone else who is on their side about me.


Last Words on Jesse King (For Now At Least)Note: I'm only giving up on this guy because he seems like a lost cause. I've ruined any credibility he has had against me, and mostly because I'm a college student now and I don't have time to deal with a loony home schooled manchild who believes in stupid things such as otherkin.Unlike this poor sap, Peter, Vortex, and myself actually have a life to attend to and a future with actual education.
Okay, I would like to do one little last commentary on Jesse King, AKA :iconwwwarea:. I think it's utterly sad and hilarious at the same time for him to believe he has 'won' anything other than further isolating him into his own little miserable hole he is in, and further proving that he is an fool among the people of Deviantart and beyond.So, until he starts some real shite up again,(such as whiteknighting for pedophiles like an idiot,) I will simply choose to fight more important battles. Anyways, let's start shall we?
"These two are the cyberbullies who ac

Of course, possible doxxing attempt (Harassment),
this guy of course thinks I "lost" when in reality I never did.
This is the guy that thinks I am a 'special dictator' for simply disagreeing and arguing.

This is the same guy who I think still believes that Copyright requires money, and calls me the same old repeating name of "narcissism", etc. when I argue why he's wrong and has no understanding on debates.

Still ahead on this journal I wrote. (The journal you are looking at now.)
Last word on wwwareaI'm probably not going to bother with wwwarea anymore. This doesn't mean that he has won, in fact, me and Funnel pretty much destroyed him (which is made apparent with him being unable to gear out new material). He's just repeating himself now in all of his new responses. It seems like me and Funnel have milked this lolcow dry.
More info: 

These two are the cyberbullies and bigots who act like their popularity or personal opinion (or both) are "right".
But they never could debunk all the providing evidence I provided, etc. and only depended on popularity and pure stupidity.
They are the ones that also depend on the same old debunked work over and over again.
Edit 9/6/2015 - Of course, the bigotry comments, claiming I believe in "lies", etc. It's not really lying to depend on scientific evidence, multiverse evidence, etc. And be open minded with it.
Edit 9/6/2015 Done

To let you guys know, they never won, they could never argue, etc.

The truth is that we clearly don't know the unknown, and that their is a ton of evidence for stuff like 'LoA', etc. But they act like they 100% "know" when they don't, and conider people "delusional" as if they somehow 100% know everything. (This is considered bigtory), when they clearly don't.
But it's not wrong or delusional to have faith, understand the evidence, etc. and be free with them.

All they did was attempt to attack my spirituality and possibly religion (Mixed of Hindu, Christian, etc. or something) and acted like they knew everything, etc.
Trust me people, these people never deserve respect and they will barely be forgiven until the time I'm about to die maybe.

I believe this is the stuff that destroyed them... again:

They Won't Leave me Alone and they Attack ScienceUPDATE TWO
A bit off topic but
Spreading the word!
A response to another guy.
Apparently, REM and Funnel are major cyberbullies now, who not only hurts people, but makes them feel closer to being suicidal.
I guess I will reply here because it's very fucking stupid and idiotic.

So much harassment of me:
Guys don't ever listen to their bullshit about me. Considering it's nothing but delusional non-sense about me, when in reality they only depend on the so-called "majority", and thinks they are 'automatically' "right" when in reality, they are wrong and don't know anything about the spiritual world.
If you want to know more about REM, go…


REMRadioheadfan96's history:……


"Besides, I've already won. Winning does not meaning having the last laugh, it means getting your opponent to the point where they do nothing but repeat themselves, and wwwarea is doing exactly that."
I never repeated myself or at least I did when it was right, it was Funnel who always do that without credibility etc, etc.
Sometimes 'facts' repeat themselves such as links to stronger evidence, etc.
"Ive come to conclude that wwwarea is a lost cause; he is so delusional and insane that he simply not worth it. So unless he attacks someone in the future or does something unbelievabley retarded (which is likely), I won't respond to him. As far as I know, our current encounter is over."

"I think he's delusional because I said so, despite the fact that I don't fully know the spiritual world, etc. BUT I'll call him delusional and deny all the evidence and depend on popularity because I said so." <Funnel and REM
I never attacked anyone during this fight, nor the time I disagreed with some art-style thing, etc.

These people never deserves respect because they are huge prejudice idiotic bigots.

I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore by wwwarea
The only reason why I didn't bother to continue with all of them is because those two are nothing but bigots who say the same prejudice bigotry over and over again on me with the same stupidity. Yes, they are the ones that kept saying the same old prejudice non-sense over me, etc.
If a sane person would of look at the horrible history of the journals and looked at mine who actually tries to question beliefs, provide evidence, etc, etc.
I think you would figure who's better at this stuff.

I think they just make that stuff to attack people and depend on there 'white knights' as "energy" to make them think they "won" when in reality; science, and truth will always be better and will always win. No matter the popular belief.

Also almost off-topic:
Matter may not Exist by wwwarea
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