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A Stupid Term

I've seen some trolls (or those who somehow aren't) use this term to excuse there stupid behavior or argument.
It doesn't excuse it. Seriously it fucking doesn't.
Just because that guy is considered "butthurt" to you DOESN'T FUCKING MEAN, his/her argument's no longer true. It still counts and doesn't change.

It also doesn't make your argument any better in one bit if you used that term.

There can be a very bias critic around.. I could be upset about it and I might argue it.. I might be considered "butthurt" by some stupid hater, but does that mean my reaction doesn't count? No. It's still fair to call that critic 'bias' because it still doesn't change the fact that the critic was bias.
"butthurt" doesn't change ANY of that. Period.

Another example:
Going out and making a journal as a reaction to a person arguing and using the term "butthurt" doesn't make your reaction any good. You STILL NEED TO argue and actually try to debunk it. 'Butthurt' 'White Night', etc doesn't make your opinion a winner.

Not even that "YOU'RE WINNER !" thing.


Here is something.


What now? Are you going to pretend this whole post doesn't count because you might think that I'm "butthurt"?
If so, then no fucking wonder people are getting more dumb.


Also, I don't know if this counts as a stamp.. Can I call it a stamp?
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Glad i can find a stamp like this!