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My Bio
Most of the time on this account, I was never wwwarea on Youtube. More information about that in the journal under.
Leaving and more Clear Information
Moving and Other Things - MessageNOTE: The last part of this message may contain an open talk about the idea of 'end times'.

I think it's time for me to start using the other 'account' more...

That cyberbully REM has really caused a lot of pain in the past with me, and I don't know if he's stalking me now, but I'll never forget the harm he's done to me, my friend, and other people.
Anyway, I am sick of being monitored and harassed by other people, and I personally don't want some people to know about this drama. I am not saying I did bad at least 98% of the time, but still. I am within my rights to stand up for myself, and within my rights to report cyberbullying content at me (How many times.. about 20 times?).
But seeing that ED article against me, seeing that the site has proved harassment, that it can very much damage the lives of other people (proved by my own careful studies) and that it can promote attacks (I once saw an online troll threat somewhere involving me), I will continue to hide my t

BUNCH of info here
GENERAL MESSAGE - Plenty of InfoI was suggested to do this on my own. First of all, that IP my friend pointed out isn't mine. xD People in the comments are like using the IP to find out where "I" live. Just getting them into more trouble.. Yet I think the reason (Sorry if I get this wrong) why Another-Realm posted it was because IP addresses aren't very good at tracking people. The best it could do is maybe give you the state, but not anymore closer.
And no, nobody knows my IP address. I wouldn't give out mine since people wants to find out where I live...
OK, let me head on to the general stuff.

General Explanation

So for general sake, this is a general leaving journal made here and the reason why I say it like that is because me and my friend made it:

Here are my self-defense list:

(I also am help spreading the stamps to other places too.)
Other useful stamps (Some

Self-Defense - The Truth on 'Wolfaboo' by wwwarea The Right to Self Defence - The Truth? by wwwarea

Mature Content

Cult May Not Listen... But the Word Is Still Out by wwwarea


If you wonder about the stamps published by me, then I suggest reading the info under those posts. :D

Stamps posted by other people:
Encyclopedia Dramatica by HappyPenguin819 - I don't fully agree about the deserve part, I don't think anyone 'deserves' one. Especially to people who doesn't really hurt anyone in RL?
Logic stamp by DinowCookie
Kink-Shaming by fuckshiru
*sigh* (to the story of what is shared) https://www.deviantart.com/another-realm/status-update/An-anti-feral-on-a-website-927651529
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KiwiFarms caused suicides due to what it does. Anyone that supports that website is likely complicit... https://twitter.com/keffals/status/1561759712722518028
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Years ago, I published a stamp saying that depression was not an illness. I don't exactly remember what I said on it, but I do want to point out that it's likely my focus was on the idea that calling depression an 'illness' might hide the true reasons of why someone might be depressed. It was argued that depression can be caused by life events, and my issue was the idea that calling it a disease would hide that, as if a pill will magically fix it. Recently I found a video on YouTube pointing out something saying depression is not caused by a Chemical Imbalance. I'm afraid of linking the video due to something in the info, but it is a bit recent and has a lot of views. Though I have heard that sometimes an illness can happen for no reason, and if so then I won't deny it. Either way, I think we need to listen to many depressed individuals. If I am depressed because of my faith slowly draining, then I don't think a pill will cure it.
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Have not used this profile in a while.

Just recently deleted a disgusting comment. People like that are probably part of the reason why defamation laws exist.

Umm yeah, so the blog was recently updated...

Lets Face it Puff

Also found the guards skull image from https://youtu.be/JcdAlkfS9QI

Also by the way, I don't care if people think I am wwwarea DA here, it doesn't matter. I just like updating here since it's kinda a bigger focus.

WHOA. How the f*** did I missed this? Apparently I was called a "wolf f***er" - censored added, before the whole drama thing involving a small joke comment I made. Truly hypocritical! Helping to add THAT to the blog...

Link to that one conversation involving JaredtheFox92, because I don't want to waste my time with this person myself.

Foul space wolves xenos are no match for the might of humanity.

Real space wolves:

Warhammer 40k Deathwatch: The lost sons

Aren't you the same fox fetish lover that claims you left me alone with that rant about me going to your stupid rant journal, and I pointed out how hypocritical that was when you started drama on that "another-realm" profile?

Get lost you parasite.

Pfft, what's wrong Jessie? Can't take a knocking at the door, even after you already knocked at my own page several times? Also no, I don't have a "fox fetish" only a depraved otherkin wolf fucker like you would ever think of fucking an animal.

Truth be told, I simply been busy with college. I have a life Jessie, I'm a computer technician in training. I have way more going for my life than your pathetic loathsome self. However, I've been seeing your post about the loli dolls and I must say it's rather telling that you still advocate for creeper shit.

Also yes Jessie, I still know of your another realm sockpuppet account. Stop pretending it's not you, nobody believes you and all you do is prove yourself more the fool.

Says the person who is still in drama on DA and now advocating for blow up dolls of their favorite anime loli. Projection much, Jessie?