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Win10 Writing App Concept

You want to write an article. An email. A script. You sit down at your desk and fire up MS Word. One paragraph into your brilliant idea, you become distracted by styling and notes about other recovered documents and spellcheck and everything and lose your train of thought. There goes your idea out the window.

So you give up on MS Word. You go to Evernote, go to fullscreen mode so there's nothing but your text. You start typing, and you have something you want to quickly throw down to come back to later. Well, you're out of luck. You have only a solid block of text, and you're going to have to invent your own way to insert comments and markers to come back to when revising.

This concept is a writing app designed for humans who want to write, who don't have a magical undivided attention, an infinite attention span, and the ability to ignore everything that is in their way. It's an app that lets you write and write and write without anything getting in your way, but also so that you can easily go back and edit and revise your work. If you don't like sitting down and spontaneously spitting out ten thousand words, you can outline, and features like revision history and collaboration are integrated seamlessly without impacting the flow of writing.

Why use Windows 10's UWP design language? It's in the guidelines. It's a language that's focused on minimalism and putting the focus on the content, perfect for a writing app.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see in a writing application?

DISCLAIMER: not an actual functioning application. This is a mockup made in Photoshop CC.
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I absolutely love this! It's exactly what I'd like in a writing app: clean and focused. And yep, I've had that experience you've described way too often.
The commenting system looks great, and I'm sure would work much better than word's overcluttered mess. Heck, I'd go as far as to say this app would be much better for any sort of writing than Word, which is becoming more of a page-setting tool lately
If this existed, I'd be using the hell outta it :D

(PS this is much, much better than my one)
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good concept!

what you described must be why some people prefer to use notepad for simple, non-collaborative writing: all your focus is on the text you are writing

so this could be used as a collaborative notepad with more features

that sounds awesome to me!
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well you just skipped over the whole description
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I tried to read the whole description

if there was some of it that I didn't read, I meant to read it
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Interesting concept! well... a flat 'n minimalism isn't everyone taste but this is just an awesome concept! hope you have a light theme version of this concept to show. Bravo and keep the good work!
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This is an exceptionally well crafted mockup.
I really dig the simplicity, and as you've expressed, we do not all possess magical undivided attention spans.

Besides from the deliciously simplistic appeal centering around the content, I like the idea of comments and live-sharing.
I myself have completely given up on MS Word, and welcomed Google docs instead.
If, however, this came into existence, I'd definitely reconsider my preferred tool for drafting and sharing.

Minor suggestions:
I'd really appreciate some sort of indicator (as with Google docs), of which section each individual comment ties to, before eventually clicking the comment.
In case that I missed the marker, please disregard this.

Well done, I hope you move forward with this!
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Thanks for the feedback!

One thing I've been struggling with as a ui designer is how to balance between ui and ux needs. Of course ideally the ui would perfectly communicate and function how I want it to, but sometimes it just doesn't look the way I want or doesn't follow specific guidelines and so I prioritize ui over ux and end up with a compromised experience. It's a terrible habit and something I'm working to get rid of. This would be one of those cases, but I've thought of an idea. I'll update the mockup soon :)
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Just Perfect. Clap 
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