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I am a high schooler living in New York, NY and attending Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. I love graphic design, motion graphics, and filmmaking, and am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

*NOTE* I'm pretty much inactive on DeviantArt; all my projects here are pretty old. Check out new work at www.behance.net/wwsalmon and www.wwsalmon.com/

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Andrew Kim
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Owl City
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Isaac Asimov's Robot Short Stories
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Isaac Asimov
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Rocket League
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Surface Laptop
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Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


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A concept with a really nice vision - to add some much-needed polish to Windows 10's UI. Uses a style that borrows off of others, but is original and unique. Technique shows great care and design is thought-out. Use of colors is nice without being distracting. Focus and attention is put on content more than ever. Everything is very well thought out and explained in presentation. Presentation itself is very well-done and polished, puts focus on mockup itself while still providing helpful supplementary info on the side and title and headings are clear and easy to see without being distracting. An interesting concept and a job well done!
Windows 10 Reimagined - Start and Cortana
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
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I think that this is a brilliant concept, but there are already so many concepts out there that the standards of vision, originality, and impact just seem less. That's all that I can really say about the relatively low scores for vision, originality, and impact: especially having done something a little like this myself already, I'm just not very impressed by it. The one thing that I am super-amazed by is the way that you made the background blend in seamlessly with the actual idea that you are trying to get across. That is masterful, and that is a skill that I am horrible at, and for that I applaud you. That said, I still think that the concept is a masterfully made piece of art, and I can critique you by close examination. The icons are brilliant and the whole thing looks very cohesive and functional. The biggest problem I have is consistency. I'm assuming that the thirteen on Skype means 13 notifications, but on the message title notification is shown as a bubble. I also see some inconsistent icons: some are outline/wireframe styled, and some are filled in. I understand that third-party apps have different icons, but look at edge, phone, store, and onedrive icons, they are all filled in. Yes, currently that's what they look like, but don't you think they will be redesigned for the final release? Also, the microphone icon bugs me because the stand is rounded but the mic itself is a rectangle. Other than that, the notification bubble on the message app is black with a white number in it, inconsistent with anything else that I see except the bar at the bottom - aghaghghgahgagh

That's what I have to say specifically. Overall, however, I think that most of the icons are masterfully made, and great work put into every tile, in a way that demonstrates your great skill as a ui designer. The things that I have criticized you on can easily be fixed, and I hope that that is what you do. I hope that this critique will help you become a better artist. Good work on this concept, keep it up!
Alternative Start Screen on Windows 10 Mobile
commented on 's profile
Haven't been on here in forever so just saw this, thank you!!
This concept was basically completely done in Paint.NET. I included the other programs because I used assets some of my collaborators created in Photoshop/Illustrator, i.e. program icons. I now use pretty much Photoshop exclusively for graphic design, mockups, etc.

Paint.NET is really powerful only as far as direct pixel manipulation goes; for example, once you draw a rectangle, it instantly rasterizes and the only way to change it is by directly editing the pixels (i.e. drawing a new rectangle over it). The same goes for all shapes, texts, shadows, etc. A lot of care and manual work has to be put in to keep things looking aligned and precise; however, when used right, pretty polished work can be done in Paint.NET.

Photoshop is much less tedious; it allows you to place a rectangle or shape, then come back and change its dimensions later; edit text afterwards; and has much more powerful features like grids and guidelines to help position elements. I find that Photoshop allows me to focus less on quality control and making sure no shadows or anti-aliasing is messed up or shapes are off by a pixel and instead allows me to experiment with more creative aspects like masks and more interesting layouts, patterns, and shapes.

That said, Paint.NET is a great learning tool, and for most simpler tasks it's much faster and more intuitive to use than Photoshop. I also love its compression engine - it's super fast and works really well. I still use it for really simple graphics and when I need to be really precise and have control over each pixel, such as with web graphics. You can go really far with it.

I seem to have lost the pdn for the master presentation mockup, but I can give you the mockup of one of the windows: drive.google.com/file/d/0B7WCi…. You'll see that it's just a bunch of simple filled shapes as well as resized images and icons with some drop-shadows placed on a bunch of layers to all come together and make a mockup.

I'm not very active on DeviantArt anymore, but the work I do now in Photoshop is more complex and flexible: lh6.googleusercontent.com/Bp6w….

I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, and hope this helps. You can shoot me an email at samsonzhang@wwsalmon.com if you have questions or want more PDNs. Good luck with your work!
A Modern Media Center / Windows 10 Google: Desktop