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New HTC Sense UI 2.1 Icons

Updated!!! Icons from APK packs.

Official icons from the newest HTC Sense UI Android 2.1.
22 PNG icons in 48x48 resolution +5 icons PNG in 128x128 resolution.

Use BetterCut to apply them.

Copyright by HTC
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How to download??

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hahha, brings back memories
Very nice work. Thanks for sharing!
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This isnt an Iconpackage.
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Nice share, but the one you made (android honeycomb) are more awesome ^^
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like it,
but is this HTC's copyright?
or this is design by u
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This is HTC's copyright. I just share it.
how do i download?
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You know how the other icons of Sense UI (like the icons from the music player) can be obtained?
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Copy .apk file from \system\app to sdcard using files manager. Connect to computer and open/extract this file with some archiver (like 7-zip or winrar). Graphics are in drawable folders.
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Where are the large icons located in the .Apk? I can only find small ones? :confused:

Or did you remake these yourselves?
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In first upload all icons were remade my me, because i didn't have .apks. I cut them from some screen shots, photos, etc. That's why same of them are bigger. But all small icons are from .apks.
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nice, thans for sharing ;)
Sweet Icons, would be great if they were bigger.
Thanks, were can I get more apps icons for android, i mean, nice icons like this.
Nice icons, can you make it 80x80?
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Sorry, but source icons from APK packs are in 48x48 resolution. If I find somewhere better source I'll update them.
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