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Android Style Icons R1

15 high resolution Android style icons for Windows and Mac (+PNG).

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(All rights reserved for "computer", "trash" and "notes" icons)
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Will be used for my desktop
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...why is this in the Icon Packager category  sigh...
Its Work in Windows 7 ???
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Read comments, please... Yes, it works.
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compatible with win 7?
ExtraCycle's avatar
Great! Nice work :)
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Pretty good, thanks :)
Nice! Thanks!
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[link] thanks for your icon :)
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Very nice thanks from Colombia
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Thanks man,
Algalord-Gnome's avatar
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i thing there is copyright issues here
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You are right, I'll correct it. I have copyright only for some icons in this package. Thanks.
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yeah google is generally good about it but they have sued for copyright infringement before
when i made the first android vectors last july i had to go threw the hole google permission gathering thing that took forever
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May i know how you convert the jpeg/png to .ico for windows? I've been dying to know this. Sorry for bringing up this question in the wrong section. And by the way, cool icons :-) Im using them currently for my theme.
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Hey man, there's also icoFX. It's free and also can do batch conversion.
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There are special programs for that. I use Axialis IconWorkshop, but there are also some free software.
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Ah! Thank you for your reply :-) I did download a ffree plugin for Photoshop and its pretty good. Serves my purpose. Thanks again for takin the trouble.
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actually, i use myself a png2ico.exe i found in a buuf icon set, from gant DA user (cannot remember wich one), and it's pretty slick.
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Ah Cool :-) Is there any possibilty of you sharing that application with me? :-o
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