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Kung fu Qiao Feng by MichaelCTY
xiao long nu by hiliuyun
Wuxia Magazine cover by Jungshan
Wuxia Swordsman by fong-saiyuk
Jin Yong
Li Mochou by toorugenshin
yang guo by hiliuyun
Kung fu Qiao Feng by MichaelCTY
Portrait of Julian Cheung by VanWangye
Gu Long
Fu Hongxue by Meisiluosi
Jue Dai Shuang Jiao by MsMiyavi
Wuxia Realm by noei1984
God of Sabre Wallpaper by valiantonov
Water Margin
Spell Of Love by 69XuXu69
Wu Song kills the tiger by cobayanigiri
Lantern by Fuyunanzi
wuxia by 1ran
Romance of Three Kingdoms
Three Kingdoms - 8 by Changinghand
Lu Bu by YaninaJohnson
Diao Chan by VictorBang
Zhou Yu by VictorBang
Journey to the West
Chinese Mythology- Lee Jing by ANG-angg
The King of Monkey by Rickyudo
All Hail the Monkey King by Flrmprtrix
The Monkey King and the Phoenix' Flame by ChaoyuanXu
TV, film, game, manhua
HuaZiXiao by tsukiko-aizawa
Comic for Mythical Qiu Chuji P.1 (Chinese) by Coffee-Ratteu
Comic for Mythical Qiu Chuji P.2 (Chinese) by Coffee-Ratteu
Pharmacist by HZ-ink
Original Concepts
[Companion of the Moonlit Blade] Hu-er by RobotCatArt
wanderer by eutopi
Sun Qiang by zhaoliaoyuan
Ascension of the Divine by xxXOleander
General Wuxia
Hua Mulan by neo-verse
Untitled by HZ-ink
2015 by HZ-ink
Firefly by HZ-ink
Kyriade: pages 06 - 07 by IreneRoga
Conqueror of the land, gloating at the world by Amelie-the-Fox
Dizi by He-Tian-Heng
Double Dragon (Line-art) WIP by neo-verse


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What we're all about

WUXIA. ("woo-shya") are tales of the ancient Chinese knight errant. Examples in popular media include the films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. Historical dramatizations like Romance of the Three Kingdoms, games and animation like Chinese Paladin and Qin's Moon also fall under the umbrella of the wuxia genre. See Wikipedia for a more in-depth explanation:

:pointr: As this is a wuxia group, please only post wuxia art
:pointr: Please submit to the proper category -
:bulletpurple: Jin Yong - Fanart for the stories of Jin Yong/Louis Cha (see gallery for a list of titles)
:bulletyellow: Gu Long - Fanart for the stories of Gu Long
:bulletblue: Water Margin - Fanart for the classic novel, also entitled All Men Are Brothers and Outlaws of the Marsh (Chn title, Shuihuzhuan; Jpse title, Suikoden)
:bulletgreen: Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Fanart for the classic novel as well as derivative works (i.e. Dynasty Warriors)
:bulletblack: Journey to the West - Another popular classic, sometimes known in the West as The Monkey King or its Jpse title, Saiyuki
:bulletred: TV, film, game, manhua - Not all wuxia stories are novels. You decide where your fanart belongs!
:bulletorange: Original concepts - The place for your original wuxia designs, be it characters, places, clothing, or weapons.
:bulletpink: General wuxia - Art that does not fit under any of the above categories.
:pointr: Only *finished* pieces - or those versions of your works that you like best. If you have a scan of a WIP (lineart, B&W pencil drawing, etc.) and a scan of the finished work and you happen to like them BOTH, you'll simply have to choose one. There might be exceptions to this rule, but they will be rare and reserved for those cases where the two versions of a single pic are in one way or another *dramatically* different.
:pointr: Respect everyone's work.

(1st draft by fong-saiyuk)
(Edit by nijibug)
In the past, we have rejected a lot of good art simply because it wasn't wuxia enough.
I thought a lot about this and I guess a bit more openness won't hurt us.
The new "Wuxia-ish" folder is not meant for things which have nothing to do with the genre, of course - but there are many borderline cases that aren't *quite* wuxia, yet they are not totally unrelated to wuxia either.
The new folder will (hopefully) allow us to include more art.
(But bear in mind - while this might broaden our scope a bit, we are still primarily a wuxia group and even "wuxia-ish" is a category that has its limits...;-))
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Bullet; OrangeChinese-Literature 中文文学:Dygel
Bullet; Yellow古典文学:
Bullet; GreenImitation Pre-tang poetry - 仿古体诗/仿古风/仿古诗(含三言、四言、五言、杂言古诗)
Bullet; GreenFive-character quatrain - 五言绝句
Bullet; GreenSeven-character quatrains - 七言绝句 
Bullet; GreenFive-character regulated verse - 五言律诗(含五言排律)
Bullet; GreenSeven-character regulated verse - 七言律诗(含七言排律)
Bullet; GreenLong tune - 长调/慢词(91字以上)
Bullet; GreenMiddle tune - 中调(59-90字)
Bullet; GreenShort tune - 短调/小令(58字以内)
Bullet; Yellow现代文学:
Bullet; GreenFree verse - 自由诗/新诗
Bullet; GreenProse - 散文
Bullet; GreenFiction - 小说
Bullet; GreenScreenplays - 剧本
Bullet; YellowGroup-Related - 与组相关的 
(Chinese Characters writing works/ 汉字作品)

Personal original Chinese-Literature.

Megaphone Community; what deviantART is all about!
If you love Chinese characters and support the original writing works, WELCOME to joining us, even if you do not have a Chinese-Literature works.w00t!

*How to join:

Chinese-Literature Group's URL 中文文学俱乐部链接:Chinese-Literature.deviantart.…
You can join our group. We will accept everyone! You don't need to have a lot of watchers or pageviews, but you have to submitting with a original Chinese Literature writing-works by own.
Click on 'Join our group' to become a member. good enjoy.
点击'Join our group' 成为我们的成员,尽兴。

Deviation love
Welcome to  submitting your work to the Chinese Literature gallery. Let us see some great Chinese Literature writing-works!

Contributors to the appropriate category folder.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a very nice day!
Sun I'm on fire!
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Learning Chinese has opened a new world for you, a world which you have never realized before!

Appreciate writing-works.
Experiences with each other.
Common improve.

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yaozhim Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Student General Artist
HisPurpleness Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016
Thanks so much for accepting me. I like to discuss work and ideas with people who know what the heck I'm talking about (I've had plenty of unfortunate experiences with people who don't) and am looking for some ideas on what to work on. If you have a favourite chapter in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms or a favourite moment in actual Three Kingdoms history or simply an idea that you think would fit well, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll see what I can make with it. :) You guys are awesome!
HisPurpleness Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Hello. I'm working on a Three Kingdoms related comic and script. Would it interest you?
devianttwins14 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
Hey everyone! I'm going to post a excerpt of my martial arts story on here hopefully very soon; I would love if you guys could give me some pointers and feedback when I do, it would mean very much to me! *w*
whereyougo Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016
thanks for my request^^
RobotCatArt Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the invite!  I'll have something finished by this weekend to share.
jenxi Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone here keen to provided with some wuxia art? We are looking for images for the site and also cover images to go with the novel translations.
Meisiluosi Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for late response, been caught up in real life lately. 
If you still need some artists, just give me a little basic info and I'll write a journal entry.
jenxi Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries. I don't check dA as frequently as I would like to as well. Check out the site We host wuxia translations there and it would be nice to have some art for the translations. We could start with doing a banner for the home page.
devianttwins14 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
Thanks for acepting me into the group! I have some orginal wuxia ideas I would like to get some critic/comments on! Will also submit some artwork! Hope we all get along great! :dummy:
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hallo again na wie gehts euch???
ich komme aus china und will spaeter nach GERMANY gehen~
ich spreche 3 sprache lol 
willkommen zu meinem dA

hello how r u?
i am from china and will go to germany soon
i speak 3 languages
welcome to my dA~~~
thank u and we can make friends~~~
Sven-Tu Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Would the story of Jing Ke's attempted assassination of the King of Qin be accepted here?
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