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Steve in a Village

By wutane
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Cinema 4d render of minecraft Steve in a Village asking a Villager for questions.
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that villager looks like he's seen some shit
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Nice, but that Villager expression tho
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thats awsome. how did you get the smooth lighting and textures. 
i have a few questions.
reply if your willing to answer.
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Well I made it a while ago, I use JMC2OBJ to export the scene from minecraft, and I can always edit the scene in cinema 4d. Once exported using the program I load it up into 3ds max and the re-export as an fbx file. Then just load it into cinema 4d. Kinda hard to explain lol , but a very simple process. The lighting I just messed around with but now I have a set lighting rig that I just import into all my scenes and mess around with. Sorry for the late response haven't really been on deviant art in a while cuz i haven't been doing much work with cinema 4d ever since school started.
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Villager looks Hella annoyed by Steve
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The villager looks freaked out.
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LOL i was going to redo it and add a golem following the villager as its body guard but im to lazy
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I'm here to leave a comment!

I like the 3d render you do. What program do you use?
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I use Cinema 4D, and sometimes I'll edit the picture a bit with Photoshop but rarely.
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