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So the following description is from a friend who wanted some art from the web artist charity but didn't have money.

Isabel is a young fox kemonomimi, perhaps fifteen to seventeen years of age as far as appearance goes. Her hair is short (no more than neck-length, straight, and a rather bland reddish-brown. (Possibly fading to white at the tips?) In fact, 'bland' should describe her facial features well - she should be kind of cute, but largely forgetable, as far as human features go. The sort of face that blends in well with a crowd. An exception is her eyes; her left eye should be a striking and vivid green, while her right eye should be an equally vibrant blue. She's slim, nearly scrawny, and should not have much in the way of bust or hips. Her ears, rather than being typical human ears, should be large, pointed, and furry on the outside - evocative of a fox. She has nine very fluffy tails, once more fox-based, that flow and shift about erratically behind her. Both ears and tail should be the same color as her hair, but fading to white at the tips. Her hair and especially her tail fur should be just a little messy/unkempt, in need of a good brushing.

Her clothing should be worn-out finery - things that a noble might have thrown out or sold, carefully patched and mended. She's a traveler, adventurer, and stage-magician-of-sorts by trade, so her clothing should reflect those - a cloak and a broad-brimmed pointed wizard's hat, both a slightly-dark blue, are her most commonly donned accessories, and her wardrobe in general should be mainly done in blues, purples, and silvers. She likes jewelry (though she can't afford the truly great stuff - any gems are surely imitation) and has a necklace she's fond of wearing, which is little more than a small piece of uncut, raw amethyst or quartz tied up in a fine purple thread.

The mood of the pic should be melancholy and anxiety. Isabel is an expert illusionist, who usually wears a very complex veil of imagination to make herself seem far more beautiful than she truly is, and she should not be happy that she's not wearing this veil. She's someone who is used to commanding attention while she is in control of the situation, but who does not feel at all in control at the moment. Perhaps she's in front of a mirror, doing a little necessary grooming of her fur, or perhaps she is awkwardly showing off her true features to someone that she doesn't want to lie to any more. Possibly, she's even injured, and had to banish the illusion so her wounds could be seen by a mage with more talent at healing magic than her.

Lastly, feel free to disregard as much of this as you need to to get the sketch done in a timely manner. I understand that you're going to be busy all day, and have no desire to take up too much of your time. I just want to be sure you have enough to work from.


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