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[History of France] Louis IX of France


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[History of France] Louis IX of France


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St Gregory Nazianzen

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Misadventures, Magic, and Fire: Prologue

Misadventures, Magic, and Fire: Lakon Series, Book One Warning, this story contains anthropomorphic animals, also known as anthros or furries. If you don’t like it, don’t read it! This story is 100% SFW (Suitable For Work) content. Prologue Lakon watched his older brother Seth nervously, ears tilted back and tail twitching slightly with anxiety. “Seth I’m not sure this is a good idea, Arkeouk said Wild Magic was only for the Elder Mages to use, we shouldn’t be tampering with it,” Lakon whined, but his brother Seth paid no attention to him. Lakon was a slim 8-year-old wolf cub with blue and grey fur patterns and piercing, lightly glowing blue eyes. He was rather tall for his age, standing at about 4’5. Lakon was a very curious little cub, but also very smart, seeming to have more common sense than his older brother sometimes. His brother, Seth, was a bit older than him at 13, the red and grey wolf was also a bit taller than his younger brother, standing at 5’2, just over half a

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