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BB 200 Tech Brushes Vol. 2

Guess who's back ... ok first I know that some people say . . . WuRkalsh your a pensioner . . . you say you never do brushes again . . . yeah right I say I never do brushes again ... but sometimes I say Im god :lol: (just kiddin "I never say Im god") ... anyway 200 high quality brushes from me :) I hope you like them.



When you use Brushes from me please credit. You can send me a note when I should comment. For the people they are doing this brushes on a other webpage then deviantART link back to my account. ... DeviantART people credit this way= Brushes by *WuRklash

Thank you very much


Have a lot fun with the stuff
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Hi Alex is there any other way to download it? because devianart shows me error :(

greetings from Argentina!