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Shaw-Ruled Paper, Letter Size

I got tired of my ascenders and descenders running into each other when writing Shavian on standard lined papers, so I made my own ruling with separated lines to prevent that. I designed this layout in Abode Illustrator and did a couple test prints in the process. It still feels unfinished, so I'm open to suggestions.
There's no ruling for the right margin—the expectation is that the paper will be printed on both sides, and the line will show through. At least that's how it's done on most paper I've used. This distinguishes the right margin by making it lighter, and it still works on the heavy copier paper that I tried.
The lines are designed for a large x-height, which should be conducive to clear writing. You write the body of the letters between the dotten lines, using the top one as the x-height and the bottom as the baseline. The solid lines are boundaries between lines. But feel free to try it in different ways and tell me what you think.
Kingsly Read, in his writing suggestions in the Shaw Alphabet Edition of Androcles and the Lion suggested more even proportions, but feeling that was impractical in handwriting, especially at small sizes, I made the ascender height a bit more than the descender height, and x-height about equal to the sum of both. But I need more people to test it and tell me how it feels to write this way.
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Sorry to jump onto an old thread, but I've only just come across this. Do you still have a copy of this pdf / a link to where similar is available as I've just started learning and would love to try it out
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The download button in the side bar links to a PDF. If that doesn't work, message me and I can send it to you by another means.
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The download link had been broken, but seems to be working again now, thanks
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I love it :-) Thank you so much!
In Shaw if it will show up in DA--> (�� ������ ����! :-) �������� �� ���� ������!)