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This is just the first preview version of a font I've been working on for a long time now, shown with an excerpt from my current NaNoWriMo novel. There are still a lot of glyphs I need to add, but I wanted to go ahead and put up what I have since I think it's still somewhat usable as it is, depending on your purpose. I'll update the deviation whenever I get around to this (which could be a while).

Lumaro is Esperanto and means "an array of lights" or "hiring sea" by some stretch. It's just a name I made up for no reason, but I thought it fit.

Come to think of it, the sea might make an awesome employer. I think I'd enjoy the job, anyway.

Feel free to use this font in deviations or whatever else, even commercially. Just please give me a link. Yes it says noncommercial, but that means the font itself. Don't sell it. I mean, it's not yours. But if you use it in something you create, that's a totally different thing. I'll probably write my own license soon.
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Bitch! You stole my name. D:<