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Hi there, it's watercolor painting time again :D

Being someone who is always very precise with her work process and needing lines for the life of her, this time I did something different. I started out with painting the two characters directly in water color with no lines to guide them underneath.

Only after all water color was on the paper I took my beloved pentel brush pen and inked over it. Again no guide lines, only one shot to get it right. Surely not my best piece of artwork, but it was a lot of fun and helped me to be a bit more free with my work <3

What was the last art experiment you started? :)

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No guidelines... You did really well! I love the different colours. yay for experiments and learning. My last experiment was my Muse painting, tried lots of different things on that one. I don't usually do such dark works too.
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Thank you! And yes experimenting and learning are so important. I find myself way to often not doing things because I'm to scared to mess up. So stupid. But also human^^ Great you are doing so as well! We are on the right track :3 :hug:
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I've always had a fear of failing, it's honestly been really crippling to live with. It's also so silly because if we don't fail sometimes it means we aren't trying new things and we aren't living. Sometimes the best things are actually mistakes, I mean, we wouldn't have paracetamol without mistakes.
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lovely color blending, Sandra! :D
my last art experiment is to get used with cel-shading :D
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Thanks :) Yes, cel-shading looks so easy at first glance but it is really tough to get it right. Because errors are way more easily found then in complex paintings. Also I find they are a great base for complex pieces, because then at least you already have all shadows defined :) What are your thoughts on it? Many thanks, Sandra :D