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Scott Robertson 'How To Draw' Exercises No. 5

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Still part of the studies I did last weekend. Was really productive those two days if I may say so myself :D This time mirroring rotated, tilted planes, which means every point of the rectangle is on a different plane in space ( so x, y and z are all different). Those are crazy, but really fun!
Also I do all exercises once with ruler and once without. That way I can see one time how it should look like and the second time exercise my free hand lines and learn to work more quickly :)

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I am currently working on the tilted and rotated section here, the left side of your photo. I keep messing it up because I think I am setting it up wrong. I can do the tilted plane exercises with no trouble so I think the rotation is screwing me over. Any advise you can give? His new video talking about the rotation grid just confused me more.

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I guess I will need this book eventually... It seems so clear! How are the explanations?
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They are really great! Also he has videos online additionally to the book. You can access them as soon as you own the book and they are very helpful as well and fill the gaps if you don't understand something in the book at first glance. Can only recommend it!
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That's really cool! *_* Thank you for all the information!