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Chapter 19: You are so beautiful

By Wulpia
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~ He stood there for a moment, just seeming to take you in, which almost made you squirm. "You are so beautiful", he murmured, fighting with the words, taking your still open hand in one of his. ~

My first ever project with SFM! Nothing compared to what could be done with the program, but I just started, so :D Hanzo obviously wouldn't wear his gear, but there unfortunately is no "Hanzo in sweatpants" model for me to work with XD

I just needed to see the soft eyes and small smile visualized while giving my writing muse time to get back to me In Love 

Hope you like it!

The whole story can be found here:…

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Hanzo SMILES! [dreamy sigh]

[Nathrezim from Ao3] <3

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Aw thank youuuu!!! HE DOES! BBY! He is so pretty, even more so when he smiles like this :3 I sighed when I had this facial expression done 💞
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(Tis me, athenawrites from ao3) I RARELY SEE HANZO SMILE SO THIS IS MADE ME CRY

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Thank you so much!! I know, right D: I had to see him smile (♡ω♡ )