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Punk1N by wulongti Punk1N :iconwulongti:wulongti 1 0 Stryker by wulongti Stryker :iconwulongti:wulongti 1 0 Razor by wulongti Razor :iconwulongti:wulongti 1 0 MCBLAM by wulongti MCBLAM :iconwulongti:wulongti 1 0 Dozer by wulongti Dozer :iconwulongti:wulongti 1 0 Jamal by wulongti Jamal :iconwulongti:wulongti 1 0 Rajeem by wulongti Rajeem :iconwulongti:wulongti 1 0 Rei by wulongti Rei :iconwulongti:wulongti 0 0 Juanita by wulongti Juanita :iconwulongti:wulongti 0 0 Lana by wulongti Lana :iconwulongti:wulongti 0 0 Come to Kinda!Con and play my game! by wulongti Come to Kinda!Con and play my game! :iconwulongti:wulongti 5 0 BattleRoller: UltraV and Hiro by wulongti BattleRoller: UltraV and Hiro :iconwulongti:wulongti 4 0 BattleRoller: Razor and Roxie by wulongti BattleRoller: Razor and Roxie :iconwulongti:wulongti 8 2 BattleRoller: McBLAM and Maj. Chin minis (sketchup by wulongti BattleRoller: McBLAM and Maj. Chin minis (sketchup :iconwulongti:wulongti 3 8 BattleRoller: Dozer and Chuck minis (sketchup) by wulongti BattleRoller: Dozer and Chuck minis (sketchup) :iconwulongti:wulongti 3 0 BattleRoller: Forest Battle Map by wulongti BattleRoller: Forest Battle Map :iconwulongti:wulongti 4 2


Valkyrie by lowleg Valkyrie :iconlowleg:lowleg 162 2 Optimus template by glovestudios Optimus template :iconglovestudios:glovestudios 205 14 Unused Robot Concept by glovestudios Unused Robot Concept :iconglovestudios:glovestudios 42 1 Nordlys cover by Detkef Nordlys cover :icondetkef:Detkef 404 27 Spidey Spidey by Detkef Spidey Spidey :icondetkef:Detkef 420 11 Infinity war: Team red by Detkef Infinity war: Team red :icondetkef:Detkef 1,182 22 Serenity by Artgerm Serenity :iconartgerm:Artgerm 6,867 166 Daughter of Wakanda by Artgerm Daughter of Wakanda :iconartgerm:Artgerm 3,948 71 Wonder in the Snow by Artgerm Wonder in the Snow :iconartgerm:Artgerm 6,493 87 Supergirl 20 by Artgerm Supergirl 20 :iconartgerm:Artgerm 5,529 79 My Darling by Artgerm My Darling :iconartgerm:Artgerm 5,626 82 First Encounter by Artgerm
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First Encounter :iconartgerm:Artgerm 6,952 145
HUNCHBACK EVA Suit by mrprops HUNCHBACK EVA Suit :iconmrprops:mrprops 3 0 HUNCHBACK EVA Suit by mrprops HUNCHBACK EVA Suit :iconmrprops:mrprops 2 0 White knight Pilot Cyborg Hybrid Grynagier 2018 by mrprops White knight Pilot Cyborg Hybrid Grynagier 2018 :iconmrprops:mrprops 1 0 FULL EXTRAORDINARY SUPERIOR by ARMAMENTFACTORY FULL EXTRAORDINARY SUPERIOR :iconarmamentfactory:ARMAMENTFACTORY 109 10


by Shorjok

I can't for the life of me figure out how she's supposed to transform, but I like how she doesn't follow any of the tropes of the typic...

In this piece I immediately get the impression that the blue canine is feeling sad and dejected and that the other characters are tryin...

I think this little dragon came out as quite cute. I like the overall proportions of it and the look in it's eyes. Overall though, I th...

the use of color and contrast works very well in this piece. the large amount of negative space emphasizes the loneliness of the centra...



This festive Halloween mech is Punk1N, piloted by Spook, can be used in my game BattleRoller.. though it's pretty weak compared to the "real" mechs.  It IS available for download and 3D printing though on MyMiniFactory :D…
Roller Core: Stryker
Description: Stryker was designed from the ground up to be a Street Fighter, a Martial Artist Mech, and a practitioner of bringing pain. Stryker easily has the most combat attack options of any Roller on the market today, allowing the pilot a wide selection of strikes to chain together into combos against whatever foe it's put up against.
Roller Core: Razor
Description: Like the wolves Razor is modeled after, it has been designed to be fast, nimble, and a dancer on the battle field. With fearsom claw attacks and a Boom-a-Blade capable of hitting multiple targets multiple times, Razor exemplifies 'Strike First, Strike Hard'.
Roller Core: Mobile Command Long-range Assault Mech (MCBLAM)
Description: MCBLAM was designed to hit enemies hard and from a distance. It's not the fastest or most agile and doesn't need to be, as long as it has line of site it's going to bring the rain.
Roller Core: DZ3-R (Dozer)
Description: Heavy armor, heavy punches, slow treads. Dozer was originally designed for knocking down buildings, but it'll definitely rattle the teeth of anything on the receiving end of its wrecking fist.
I know it's been forever since I updated anything here...
So I've been working on tons of stuff.  For starters I have a line of 3D printable toys called Mech City that you can download for free and print at home.  The toys are of cute chubby mecha w/ interchangable parts and little animal people pilots along with loads of accessories, vehicles, playsets, etc.
Mech City Central

I've also been throwing a ton of time into my Paper printable tabletop miniatures game BattleRoller. More cute chubby mecha w/ pilots.  The game isn't ready for a full on release but it's getting there.  Lately I've been working hard on building a web app that lets you design your own mecha (Roller) and pilot character picking from different parts and colors and then exporting your design as a papercraft template you can print out and assemble!  So far I've got the pilot part working and I'm hammering away at the roller parts now.  If you'd like to play around with the designer and create your own characters to use in the game when it's ready, or just to have as paper toys you can check it out here:
Battle Roller Factory

Be sure to check out my other social media accounts for more up-to-date updates.. lol
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Xian Brock
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I’m a big enough geek to dress up as a Jedi at the premier of StarWars III and have anime costumes in my closet, but not a big enough geek to play Klingon Boggle. I love HeroScape and my friend Bill is trying to pull me into D&D. I don’t think it will take much… I also enjoy playing LARP (Live Action Role Playing) where we run around in the woods dressed like RenFaire rejects and smack the crap out of each other with padded weapons. I’m geek enough to admit that I do LARP, but not enough to have ever done “lightning bolt! lightning bolt! lightning bolt!” Hmmn… I guess I’m the Metro sexual equivalent of a geek… That realization is kind of scary…

Aside from all that I’m currently working for Advance Digital as a Front End Developer on sites like,,, etc. I’m one of those rare animals that can design as well as code so that means I never have an empty plate and I often put in too many hours… I also have some pretty decent Google-Fu so I can get done most things that they need from me.

I have a love of digital art, in particular "painting" with photoshop as well as paper craft so I often try to merge the two.

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Just had a look at some of your work; very impressive. Your chibi mecha papercrafts are cool - I'm not a mecha fan, but even I can see that you've got skill when it comes to modelling. :nod:
wulongti Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol thanks!  9th grade Geometry coming in handy! (also lots and lots of  wasted paper as I test stuff.. haha)
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