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By wulfmune
Firstly I hope that I didn't scare anyone with all the drawings of my other story I was posted in last week.  Off*beat is NOT being put on the back burner.  The other project is second to finishing Off*beat.  I will still be posting pics of Tory and friends so no worries!

Okay so here's the good news and the bad news I promised regarding the future of Off*beat as far as I know it.

Good News

It will be finished and the last book will be more easily accessible then previous installments.
This is slated to happen in 2012 regardless if my publishing plan follows through.
I will of course keep people updated regularly on deviantart as soon as i am certain of anything.
I will be planning on doodling plenty of Off*beat things in the meantime and posting them here while we wait.

Bad News

There will still be more waiting >_< but right now it's looking like it there will be installments available sometime in the later half of 2012.

Current Status

To clear up some misunderstandings I read online, Off*beat book 3 is not completely finished.  I had the script, 100 pages of storyboards and about two chapters completely done, three chapters penciled and inked and 4 chapters roughed.  So I apologize if I misled anyone to believe otherwise.

In 2009 when my father passed away, a number of bad things happened in my life and one of them was that I got a terrible virus on my computer.  I was downloading lots of games to escape reality and boy did I learn my lesson.  Anyway, everything on my computer ended up being lost, including Off*beat.  I still have original pages though.  Since I have to rescan and re-tone everything anyway as well as re-write and re-board the last half of the book, I plan to heavily edit the art and writing.  All for the better I like to think!

I'm probably forgetting to mention something but uuuh..I think that's all for right now.
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I'm confused... It's 2014... Not trying to be pushy but where is the next volume...? Sorry.
Ghost-Captain's avatar
Thank you! I'm terribly sorry for sounding like a Nusence. 
offbeatfan101's avatar
It's 2014 though........I can't the third volume anywhere so is it not done? I'm confused.....help me out?
CozUzumaki's avatar
:heart: best. news. ever!
wulfmune's avatar
i know it's been a long wait ;_; thanks!
amaya-silent-rain's avatar
I'm excited for volume three! :) I introduced my friend to the first two volumes and she is now fangirling with me over it.
wulfmune's avatar
thank you~ I always loooove to hear it when someone likes me work enough to push it on others XD yeeeeesh!!
maiden-of-the-sea's avatar
So late to this party.

I've been a fan of yours since before the comic was published and I'm very glad to see you back. :heart:
wulfmune's avatar
thanks for joining us :D welcome welcome!! i'm glad to be back :hug: thanks for supporting offbeat!
five-pm's avatar
You are back and 'Off*beat' will be finished *___* It's a dream come true.
wulfmune's avatar
I am really happy to be finally allowed to finish it ^_^ I'm so psyched about 2012!! Thank you for supporting Off*beat!
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Oh god, I'm sorry for you loss, I can't image what it would be like to lose a parent. I truely hope that the last two years have been kinder to you.
Also, I'm sorry that your that your computer died, all that work evaporating in the ether *shudder* ! I know that probably everyone under the sun has told you this, but don't forget to back up your files in the future (there are lots of different ways to do it, everything from an online service to an external hard drive, or regularly burn finished work to DVDs)
Regarding the Off*Beat restart-
I'm so happy!! I remember reading the first volume over and over again when I was going to college, I was very depressed and it really lifted my spirits. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds. I've missed Tory and his strange obsessions/complicated emotions.
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Heard about this thanks to Anime News Netowork and I gotta say it's some of the best news I've heard all year. I actually, truly squealed for joy when I read it.

Off*Beat was and still remains one of my favorite OEL titles, and certainly the best OEL boy's love comic I've read thus far. I was so terribly sad when I learned the OEL manga wouldn't see their finale volumes published, so to learn now that Off*Beat is coming to a proper close is just too good for words. :iconrlyplz:

If you don't mind my asking (and I'll understand if you can't): Will volume 3 be printed or digital? Or both? I want to own all the books in a physical format so I'm really hoping for a printed version. :fingerscrossed:
BukkoroshiteYaruZo's avatar
Oh that's great news. I don't mind the waiting. Wow it's so great to hear that you'll finish the last book! I'm sorry for all the tough things that have gone down in your life and such a big thing like that, it's not weird that it'd drag your spirits down. All the best! Can't wait ;D
Chibi--nation's avatar
Ah hah hah. I've spent the past year or so crying over how I'd assumed the last volume would never be published and all of us readers would never know the truth. Should have know you wouldn't do that :3

I'm sorry for all your troubles too! Good luck and have a good Christmas!

<3 Lots of love, Bek
wulfmune's avatar
Thank you~ you too !!
digigirl-izumi's avatar
oh wow, that sounds awful. and here i gripe if i lose just one drawing! all that work... you should back your work up on an external hard drive to prevent such loss! anyways, i'm glad you haven't given up on it, and i'm looking forward to when it's released!
wulfmune's avatar
The silly thing is that I did have stuff backed up and the hard drive is Mia -_- not sure if I had it updated much before th virus made things corrupted anyway. I've had two years to get over it XD
digigirl-izumi's avatar
oh dear, well an mia backup is kind of useless, isn't it? :'D i wonder where it could have gone~ i'm glad you've gotten over it, then =w= not having seen how you originally intended it, i'll just assume that whatever changes you make are for the better =w=b
lovemecancerously's avatar
I was just happy that you were back online!

I was glad to see that there would be anything new coming from you in the near future.

But new Off*Beat is one of the most awsome things I have heard in liek evur!!!
adrienne-xxx's avatar
I am very glad your back now! And am very sorry to hear about your father passing away, I hope things are looking up for you :heart: I cannot even describe how happy I am to hear that there will be a third book, I've been waiting on edge to hear about it. I love all of the artwork you post up, regardless if it isnt Off*beat only either, i'm anxiously awaiting other works from you to read because I love your unique art style and story lines. Thanks for updating and letting us all know how things are doing between you and the new publisher : )
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