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Off*beat reprints kickstarter is up. I thought I'd post this here too, for those who don't follow and tumblr and might be interested~

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I'm so happy that you finished Volume 3. I still have both the 1st and 2nd volume from their initial run while I was still in high-school... seeing you finishing your publications makes you a huge hero in my eyes, and you've inspired me to start publications of my own! So for that, I thank you. I hope to be able to see more of your work in the future!
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Amazing shot; you are wonderful - I ran across the reprints at Otakon and was so happy to find you're finishing this!
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Besieged-Infection|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How... How did I not learn about this until now? Off*Beat is my favorite comic of all time, and I've pretty much been stalking news about it forever... and only NOW do I find your account. Heck - I've amassed multiple copies of the Tokyopop Print - which are still in their packaging - just in case my versions wore out from my reading them so much.
This... I'm... You're continuing and...
I'm so happy right now. QwQ
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dukgrrl|Hobbyist General Artist
<3 This is adorablez!
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Gleeky-chan|Hobbyist Artist
kyaaaaaaaaa nice Miss Quick I LOVE IT
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OMGGGG!!!!!! : O So super excited. Off*Beat!!! What is this tumblr I hear of? I must follow it. NOW.
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lovemecancerously|Hobbyist General Artist
This is really pretty, and I love the comic. Can't wait eheh.
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Off*beat stuff yesssssssssss i always get super super excited when I see you've posted some off*beat stuff.
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I always like what you draw, it takes me literally forever to remove anything you draw.
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nekophoenix|Professional General Artist
Oh my! <3 Oh how wonderful - it makes me smile so much to see them again. Do you know, I read your books first when I was a teenager, and seeing these two always brings me right back, but to the more fun moments of being a teenager rather than the suck moments x3

I hope you get the fundage!
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Ginger-Bunneh|Hobbyist General Artist
i saw this and i made a strange squeak noise in my throat. it was completely involuntary X3 this is so cute! i love your style~! :heart:
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Awesome! Is going through the kickstarter the only way we can get the volumes in print or will there be a place i can buy it later?
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blwhere|Hobbyist Digital Artist
5 days behind, but I'm so happy I got here in time. Gonna pledge some money when I get paid again. Here's praying my tax money come back in time, maybe I could do more than the 20 bucks I originally planned. To be drawn in the background is a dream come true. But alas. Broke people can't have all the fun. T^T At least we get to see the end of Off*beat!
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Love it!!
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Did they move in together? :D
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Lusite|Student Writer
Oh, this makes me so happy, on too many levels to express! I can't wait to have the new print sit next to the old on my self. It will be a rather wonderful sight to behold.
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Iiwi|Student General Artist
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Love the two kitties who are just cat versions of Tory and Colin (imo). I also like the poster that is actually an Off*beat drawing you've had of them with all the characters and I really like the simple intimacy of this scene. Very sweet
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i'm totally looking forward to thiss! i miss them , was such a huge fan and i'll probably buy the new copies too! -squeal- keep up the good work~
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<3 <3 <3 It's happening !!!! :)
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I'm so sad that I don't have the money to pledge to get this poster, cause OMG, it's adorable~!!! But~! I had enough to get the reprints of 1 and 2, so I'm super excited about that~!! X3
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YES. May the heavens rumble with yesness.
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