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Honest Ed's - Toronto

For the Equestria Daily 'Ponies Around the World' contest. This first one is at Honest Ed's, which is a landmark on Bloor Street. You might remember it from such famous things as Scott Pilgrim!

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I live up from there!!!!!! :D

Honest Ed's also has Sonic Boom, which was in Scott Pilgrim as well. They moved location last year cause of ... ugh ... Dollerama :( Oh well, Ponies make it all better!
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And I live just up and over. Brohoof!

I *thought* they moved locations, I'm certainly glad to see I'm not crazy!

I tried to get some pictures of Snakes and Lattes, but none of those came out right. Not in Scott Pilgrim, but still (IMO) a super neat Toronto landmark.
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And jeez, I haven't been in Snakes and Lattes for a long time. Plus, I guess I have to go to A and C games. (I just searched it up) I never knew a place like that existed besides Gamearama! I'm definitely going there before summer's gone.

The horse dude holding ponies is awesome btw. Too bad you can't send that in t EQD as well. Oh well, "fate" is good :3