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Sacrament Chapter 1
Early in the day, the sun broke through the dark of the night on the port town of Kinallin. There weren’t many people up at this hour. However, a young Inalli was getting ready for the long day ahead of her.
Falls-with-Stars was finishing her breakfast of fruit and toast. Her purple head feathers were messy from her sleep. She ran a clawed hand through them and stood up to place her dishes in the sink. She then stretched and went back to her room to chance from her loose sleepwear to something more appropriate for the day.
Though Kinallin was located by the shores and usually had warmer weather, autumn had already arrived. The trees around Falls’ family house were slowly turning from their luscious greens to reds and yellows.
Falls slipped into some loose-fitting pants and wrapped her calves in furred-lined leather strips. It was common practice of Inalli to just leave the long feet of their digitgrade legs uncovered, even in colder weather. She rubbed her paw-like feet and
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Art Trade: King Justin Arisdale by Wuffy-Cerulei Art Trade: King Justin Arisdale :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 12 7 Vridath Map by Wuffy-Cerulei Vridath Map :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 2 0 Arvum World Map by Wuffy-Cerulei Arvum World Map :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 2 0 Sacrament Logo by Wuffy-Cerulei Sacrament Logo :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 3 1 Bluefyre by Wuffy-Cerulei Bluefyre :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 15 0 My Own Worst Enemy by Wuffy-Cerulei My Own Worst Enemy :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 4 1 Bitterwind of the North by Wuffy-Cerulei Bitterwind of the North :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 5 1 Falls-With-Stars in Armor by Wuffy-Cerulei Falls-With-Stars in Armor :iconwuffy-cerulei:Wuffy-Cerulei 6 3


Chibi - Human, Anthro, or Animal
Chibi of human, anthro/furry, or animal. Any gender and any species.

$18 USD thru Paypal.
Bust - Human, Anthro, or Animal
Bust of human, anthro/furry, or animal. Any gender and any species.

$35 USD on Paypal.
Full Body - Human, Animal, or Anthro
Full body drawing of a human, anthro/furry, or animal. Any gender, any species.

$45 USD on Paypal.


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United States
Currently in love with: Lizard people

Aka WuffyCerulei || ESO username: @ Starry-Wolf

If interested in a commission, contact me through note on DA or Discord at @ Wuffy#7011!
Hey guys! Just wanted to drop in and say that I'm still kicking. I've been pretty distracted lately, had some sucky moments, but that's the past. Now I'm shifting my focus towards more creative outlets. With that, let me get yall introduced to this story I've been thunking lately!

So this story is called Sacrament. The society is modern-fantasy, so like cell phones and stuff, but dragons and magic as well. Now, this story is gonna be more like Game of Thrones-esque fantasy, where it's not lighter-hearted. Not that obscene though. There's death, slavery, blood, etc. It's based on a world called Arvum. Here's what the world looks like:
Arvum World Map by Wuffy-Cerulei

The story mainly takes place in Inall and Vrideth. I have yet to make a detailed map of Inall, but here's Vrideth:
Vridath Map by Wuffy-Cerulei

The main character is Falls-with-Stars, an Inalli. Inalli are pretty much dragon people, and they're known for being the first people to tame dragons and use them in domestic life. Here's what she looks like:
Falls-With-Stars in Armor by Wuffy-Cerulei

Her personality is that she's a bit stubborn when it comes to choices and whatnot. Falls is mellow when it comes to new people, and she doesn't share much besides what needs to be shared. With friends and family, she opens up like a book. She also does some pretty brash stuff that sensible people would think is best not to be done.

I have yet to make full body drawings of them, but throughout the story, she makes some friends who stay with her in her journeys. They are:

Eossos: A female Alfeli (cat people). She's a trader and childhood friend of Falls. Like a cat, she can be lazy and smug.
Vieridis: A male elf. He's an ex-sex slave, and he is extremely awkward and shy with people. He has trust issues, but learns to live with his friends.
Sarvus: A male human. A war criminal in the past. He started something pretty serious and paid for his actions. He now lives somewhat nomadic with his bred wyvern, Junebug.
Liala: A female Drom (wolf people). She's an excellent archer and has a burning hatred for Spirits (magical race). Being Drom, she is very prideful and does not get along with Eossos. She owns a bred wyvern named Rain.

After she meets Liala, Falls-with-Stars soon tames a wild-born White Death wyvern and names him Bluefyre. Here he is:
Bluefyre by Wuffy-Cerulei

What makes Bluefyre so special and terrifying is that he's 1) huge. Compared to other wyvern species, he towers over them. Imagine Drogon in GoT season 7, but a little smaller than that. And 2) his species can breathe fire that's extremely hot. Normal dragon fire can easily burn people, but can't singe dragonhide. White Death fire can torch dragons and wyverns in seconds. Their fire isn't magically altered, but rather naturally hot. However, with magic added, the fire is truly devastating.

I should have the first chapter done soon. I've brainstormed most of the story already.
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