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Just watched Mission Impossible Fallout today. Brilliant action movie with the added bonus of seeing the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson getting bound and gagged. Quite a decent scene too

Sentai Actresses in DID scenes

Sentai Actresses in DID scenes

Suddenly feels like writing this after posting a few Sentai scenes these few days. Well, I started watching Power Rangers since young. When I started to get interested in all these bound and gagged scenes, I start to think of how great will it be if these beautiful actresses in Power Rangers who normally kick ass were to be bound and gagged. However, as most probably know, it's quite a disappointing result (only two gagged scenes). The first gagged scene was for the pink Space ranger Cassie (Patricia Ja Lee) in In Space and that was quite a disappointing scene. She's cleave gagged but you can barely see it. The second scene was in Lightspeed

Top 15 Favourite Scenes

Top 15 Favourite Scenes

Wow, it's been quite a journey for me to amass almost 200 DID scenes up till now. Just want to thank everyone who had supported and enjoyed my work all this time  . Also special thanks to those who provide info of scenes that were new to me, you guys had been a great help Well, now since I reach quite a milestone, maybe it's time for me to somewhat do a top 15 favourite list from my collections. Quite tough for me to make this list but let's see how it goes. (List below are in no particular order of preference, just an overall favourites) Special mention DID scenes in music video Always good to see DID scenes accompanied by a good song. A

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麻婆斗妇 The In-Laws (2011) - Apple Hong tangan ikat depan,kaki,mulut stuff & otm gag dengan kain biru www.irisxi.com/ss/the-in-laws-… at 31.32-33.23 
Akkam Pakam - Buveni Ann Mayan hands tied up behind her back,otm gagged with cloth myklik.rtm.gov.my/vod.php?id=4… at 1.21.37-1.23.07

Bommalattam (2019) Ep41 - Malar Meni Perumal tgn ikat belakang,mulut tape gag silver video.toggle.sg/en/series/bomm… at 6.52-6.54,10.23-10.31

Moondravathu Kann (2019) Ep4,5 & 7 - Nisha Kumar tgn ikat atas mulut otm gag kain hitam Ep4 video.toggle.sg/en/series/moon… at 20.00-20.47, Ep5 video.toggle.sg/en/series/moon… at 18.50-19.55 , Ep7 video.toggle.sg/en/series/moon… at 5.39-6.12

telemovie Marma Vaasal prt4 Reneetha Veeraya www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOy4IV… at 18.21-20.30

Kaaval 3 (2019) Ep12 Kes Pemerdagangan Wanita - Kameesha Ravindran tgn ikat dpn dgn tali,mulut tape gag merah myklik.rtm.gov.my/vod.php?id=3… at 35.03-35.12,37.12-38.13

The Driver 伺机(2019) Ep9 - Jessica Liu tangan ikat depan,kaki,mate tutup,mulut tape gag hitam www.irisxi.com/ at 37.00-37.30 sape2 tolong edit video,gambar share di mega.nz dan wall sini. 

Ep11 - Grace Teo tangan ikat belakang,mate tutup,mulut tape gag hitam www.irisxi.com/  at 1.15-1.53 

Great page, love Asian damsels, mainstream favourite and watch
sape2 tolong tengok,rakam,edit & share video Zoee Tan kene ikat tangan,kaki,mulut dalam Love Me Tender yang di tayang di rtm2/tv2 selase 7 mei 2019 pukul 10-11 pagi.link live streaming myklik tengah repair jadi kene tonton di tv terus harap maklum.
Hello, did u have any idea when did the bottom right scene appeared? Im pretty certain the show name is ninja sentai kakuranger, still, cant figured it out in what ep, here's the link livedoor.blogimg.jp/tiedceleb/…
Pls let me know once u figured it out, thx
You have a great gallery here :)