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Soooo..... How's everyone? How about that weather? This page has been neglected for a MINUTE now, so I just wanted to say that I (we?) will be trying to get some shit movin' on it. I just posted some new t-shirt designs that (hopefully) people will dig enough to cop some. Just wanted to post real quick and let you know that there should be some more shit coming up soon. Keep ya eyes peeled.
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Now that we've had a little time and some more people watching us, let's put something on the table.... Hopefully this will be an on-going sort of thing, where periodically, we will put up an idea or "spark" if you will, for people to have something to jump off of to bust something out creatively. So if y'all were around in the beginning (which was what, like 20 minutes ago) on how and where this page came from, you would know about the wu name generator, which makes up some pretty killer names. So, if you haven't already, why don't you mosey on over and come up with a name through it. It doesn't even have to be your name converted, fuck it
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Anyone who wants to submit work, journal entries, resources, fonts, claims of Godliness, accusations, bags of feces, whatever, read below, which was brought up by Mr. Palook... - We recommend *not require* that you submit the textures/contributions/whatever to your own account (in scraps if you don't want to submit as a dev), then note the Deez page to mirror the submission, so that comments and favs can be sent to the original submission and will show up on the account of the person submitting. Just so people don't always have to visit the Wu-KillahD page to see the comments.  If the person chooses to do this, just have a note with the Kill
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hello i used your stock here
Your Stock featured in Labyrinth of Lacuna Motion Book. (Credited on the last page)

Read it here: www.madefire.com/motion-books/…

or Here: bit.ly/Labyrinth_of_Lacuna

Labyrinth Trailer here: youtu.be/XfPv9p2rU-o

Thank you :) (Smile)

 :wave: I used your beautiful  stock here eratinrage.deviantart.com/art/W…

ty :)
Thank you so much ¡¡¡; I used your wonderful stock here -
I used your stock here : fav.me/d6w8qe6