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 There's a secret that I'm not telling you.  It's thee secret of a vending machine at a particular school, that school
being my own.  Well, it's not really a secret, most of the kids know it, and if I tell you, it's not really a secret,
either.  But any who-- Apparently from a secret code, one which I watched on a Youtube video, I saw that you could get
free snacks.  That's uber awesome!  Ermigod!

 You thought I was going to say it was some trapped door, one that leads you to a really cool thing, like a dungeon or
something...  Well, from what I can tell you, something like that is just plain preposterous.  But there is one thing I
can tell you, something that's not so far fetched.  Something that happened not long ago, in this very school.

 See, this is a tale of something, something hideous, something not wonderful, not wonderful at all.  It's the tale of a
a girl.  A girl who just transferred to our school.  Well, the thing is-- We found out that her family is quite poor, so
she does not have an air conditioner in the summer, and it gets quite hot.  Wow, isn't that one heck of a story?

 "This, this just isn't gonna work."

 "Well, why not?  It has everything: a fascinating story, something that doesn't seem to be so true, and the ending where
we find out that nothing is actually wrong.  It seems like the perfect semi-horror story, if you ask me."

 "Well, we're not.  We're not asking you.  This is beyond ridiculous, and I doubt that anyone would read a story like this,
not in a million years!"

 "Oh?" I ask. "Well, I have something, something chilling.  Something that'll knock your socks off in under 30 seconds."

 "Well, spill it.  We don't have all day, here."

 This is a story about a guy named Mal.  His name is like the mallow bars that you get in that one vending machine at our
school, what were they called agai--

 "Wait a minute, YOUR name is Mal, this isn't about you, is it?" they ask.

 "It may be."  I say, whilst grinning.

 "Can we just get back to thee point?  Like I said, I don't have all day here, I've got things to do, I have a life."

 "Oh...  Is it a girl?  Ohohoho." someone remarks.

 "Uh-- maybe." they say.

 "Can I just get back to the point?" I ask.  "Well, I'm going to anyways!" >:D

 This is the story about Mal, who may or may not be myself.  A story that place in the depths of our school.  You think
that there's only three stories on this old building, but what you don't know, is that there were renovations that took
place far before any of us were born.

 When this old school was here, it had two basements for classrooms and storage, plus a few more underneath, where no one
could go except the principal and a couple of janitors.  What actually lied beneath the school, no one really knows
nowadays.  However, they say that there is still an accessible route to these underground rooms, an elevator that hasn't
been used in over thirty years.

 Have you ever been to thee lunchroom and noticed that there is a closet right behind the checkout lady?  You know when
you go into the actual area where food is served.  You have to go back past all of thee lunch ladies, until you find
that mysterious freezer where the month old ice cream is still lying.  You take it anyways, because that ice cream is
still oh so delicious in that well-approved freezer.

 So when you check out, you have to leave the room out of a single door, one that has metal grates which close, when
the lunch service is closed, but there's still that door that leads to wherever.

 "Wait a second, once I had to go in there." someone says.

 "Really?" we ask in unison.

 "Yeah, there's really nothing to see in there, just some brooms and whatnot, I used them to clean up the milk I spilt."

 "Oh, but did you see that row full of keys on thee left side?" I ask.

 "I-- I think I did." he replies.

 "Well, if you ever look again, there's one that has a large letter 'E' on it.  That's the one that's used to operate
the elevator."

 "So, where is this elevator, if there really is one?"

 "It's-- have you ever been to that new hallway where no one ever lurks, except that one teacher who says he's always
on his smoke break back there?"

 "The French teacher?"

 "Yeah, that guy.  He's hella weird."

 "No he isn't.  He's a really nice guy, if you just take the time to get to know him; oh, and learn French...
Apparently he really doesn't know English that well, and if you put an answer in it, he's sure to mark that question

 "That hallway actually goes down farther than you think.." I continue. "..It starts to slope down, the farther you take
it.  Soon, you'll reach a door that's marked 'Authorized Personal Only' in big red letters, on a white sign.  That door
is always locked if you try it, but I guarantee that the key I mentioned earlier with the big letter 'E' one it will open
the door right up.  A little farther down, and the elevator will be right around the corner.  The same key is used to
call for it, and within a jiffy, you'll be able to go down to the forgotten floors to see if anything lurks below."

 "Wait a sec, how do you know all this?" someone asks, "Have you been down there?" they continue.

 "Well-- no, but I heard a story, at least from my brother.  He said that while he was still at this school, him and his
friends decided to go down there and see what they could find.  I was warned to never go down there, they didn't make it
that far down, to say the least." I say, gulping.

 "This is all fair and good," my friend Tommy starts, "But this isn't really horror.  If what you say is actually true,
Lin, then the only way we can find out what's actually true, is by going down there!"

 "I really don't know, my older brother said to never go down there, ever, and he's a pretty tough guy, so are his
friends." I reply.

 "Look," Tommy continues, "all you guys can come over to my house on Friday, and we can discuss what we're going to do.
My mom bakes some pretty sweet cookies.  You know what I'm talking about, right Lin?  He's been over to my house dozens
of times before."

 "Chocolate chip?" I ask.

 "Yup." he replies.

 "Okay, okay, Tommy's right.  We can't just sit here and not actually find any good horror stories, or else this
newspaper won't have anything good in it.  I'm sure after we all go down there and see for ourselves that nothing is
actually wrong, maybe scare each other a few times and whatnot, but after we're all back safe and sound, we'll be able
to come up with some great stories.  They'll make state, I'm sure of it!"

 "You just said that because cookies.  I'm out, no ifs, nor buts."

 "Not even butts?"

 "Nope, fuck off, I can get those any day!"



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