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Hi, I am Prussia. Once you read this you

cannot get out. Finish reading this

until it is done! As I said, I am

Prussia. I am 20 years old. I have silver

hair and awesome all over my face. I am dissolved.

If you don't send this to at least 12

people I will come to your house at

midnight and I'll hide under your bed.

When you're asleep, I'll call France

and Spain and we will throw you a surprise party.

Don't believe me?

Case 1:

Russia Got this e-mail. He doesn't believe

in chain letters. Well, Foolish Russia.

He was sleeping when his TV started

flickering on and off. Now he's partying

instead of sleeping. Ha ha Russia, Ha ha!

You don't want to be like Russia, do


Case 2:

Roman Empire

Hates chain mail, but he didn't want

to Party that night. He sent it to 4

people. Not good enough Rome. Now,

Rome is partying 'till next week, we don't know if

he'll ever stop. Ha ha Rome, Ha

ha! Now, do you want to be like Rome?

Case 3:


She got this letter. Another chain

letter she thought. Only had 7 people

to send to. Well, That night when she was

having a shower and we bursted in music and all.

It was the BIGGEST Party of her life.

Hungary is now partying it up.

Case 4:


This is the final case I'll tell you

about. Well, Germany was a smart person.

He sent it to 12 people. Later that

day, he found a $100.00 bill on the

ground. He was premoted to head

officer at his job and his girlfriend

said yes to his purposal. Now, Italy and

him are living happily ever after.The

have 2 beautiful children.

Send this to at least 12 people or

you'll face the consequences.

0 people- You will party for the rest of your life

1-6 people- you will be party for a week

7-11 people- you will party for a day

12 and over- you are safe and will

have good fortune

Logic using thin person: “you obese people are NOT being oppressed because you have to pay $5 extra for a XXXL shirt than a thin person is for buying a M shirt. You simply are forcing the shirt makers to use more fabric so that the shirt can fit around you’re gigantic body that you gluttonously stuff to the brim with shit foods every goddamn day of your life. For example, a king sized bed is going to be more expensive than a twin sized bed because you need to use more material in order to make it. Same goes for shirts.”

Obese person whom hates thin people: “A bed is NOT a wearable necessity you FUCKING IGNORANT WALNUT!!!!!!! It takes WAY MORE materials like many metal bars, many gigantic springs, many boards of wood, many different layers of different types of fabrics and cushions and many people to put it all together which takes days!!!! A fucking shirt on the other hand? A LITTLE BIT more cheap as fuck fabric that is very easily sewn together in half a day by ONE person!!!!”

Me: “that has got to be the STUPIDEST thing I’ve heard all week!!”