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Ansata Cross Tatto

By wtflopes
(Got Happiness, Life and Health tattooed) Ansata Cross or Ankh is the symbol name Egyptian hieroglyph for "life". The Ankh is frequently found in tombs of ancient Egypt Gods and Pharaohs were often retreated holding this symbol.
The Ankh is also part of the concepts of the hieroglyphs for "health "and "happiness". The Ankh is also a fertility symbol and is used today as an attribute or sacred emblem, symbolizing the eternity of the soul.
The symbol combines two forces, the cross represents the male element, and oval, female. The cross and oval, it was said in ancient Egypt are the two generating principles of Heaven and Earth, also of the Egyptian deities Isis and Osiris.
It is an ancient symbol, maybe the origin of all other crosses. Corresponds to the symbol RA, Life, or "Ankh".
Is the Key of the Nile, gift of the Egyptian magicians to humanity.
Can be used by everyone including the children. Related to all manifestations of life, it brings prosperity and also the clarity needed to make good decisions facing the challenges of everyday life.

Missing of hair, ftw :D
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I was trying to read what was written in arabic letters beneath the ankh but i failed, would you please tell me?
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Health, Happiness and Life :)
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uhmmm... i hate to tell you this, but it's written in the wrong direction [from right to left, not like the English words from left to right] and normally they're attached not detached letters...
السعادة = happiness
الصحة = health
الحياة = life
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TATTOO bacana ainda bem que tem significado para ti =) Tbem ja fiz a minha....sao viciantes