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Urban Waterfall

By WTek79
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Well, looked like that to me :-)

Sorry, cause of a DA bug I had to submit the picture again :p
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Just a suggestion : sta.sh/0vrpdedv2jc
(not 100% convinced myself but... what do you think ?)
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Pas mal, pas mal !! ;)
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I knew i had seen this building before, but i had to check my gallery on flickr:

Anyway your POV  and composition is amazing.
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Thanks a lot ! and well done, good observation skills ! :)

Actually, in your very same picture, there is second one of mine, would you find it ? :lol: (quite recent)
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Featured here
Consider giving a :+fav:/ Comment so more people can see it.
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Thank you so much for the feature !! :iconspazhugplz:
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I love the texture!
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Thanks ! The building did it all :)
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awesome. great title as calibur stated.
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Thanks a lot, I always try to choose titles wisely :p
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Thanks !

And thank you so much for your so many favs ! :)
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Pretty awesome! makes me a bit dizzy if i stare to long.
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You're right, this picture is quite mind exhausting.

Hope people won't get sick looking at it, should put a disclaimer perhaps... :lol:
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:nod: Looks like a Q*bert waterfall :iconqbertplz: Cool!
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Ha ha, didn't know that game !

Thanks :-)
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You're welcome :)
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