Alone Again...
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Rille walked down the golden beach, lost in thought. He could feel the faint breeze cool his body, smell the salty sea, hear the seabirds and the lap of waves on the shore. It was his second journey to the Summer Sea and again he found himself alone. Not that he minded…the solitude gave him a lot of time to think. He had thought for several years now that he may well spend the rest of his life alone, naught but a shadow in the herd. He sighed, ‘I mustn’t be so depressed on such a lovely day. I am still young, strong. There is still ample time for me.’ He looked up, his mismatched eyes observing some of his fellows frolicking in the shallows. He halted, a wave coming to swirl around his cloven hooves. A pair had broken off, galloping up the shore towards him. He raised his head, mane tossing in the wind. As they neared they seemed to suddenly realize who he was, plunging to a halt a hundred feet from him. They stirred uneasily, not sure what to do. He gazed at them, his strange eyes unblinking. The two unicorns fled, their minds tainted by the rumors they had heard. Rille dropped his head, outcast once more. He turned, walking back the way he had come, alone again…


My entry for the *Unicorns-of-the-Vale Summer Sea contest. I featured Rille who, despite the beautiful day, is quite disconsolate and isolated. So, I managed to turn what should be a happy, fun theme into a dismal occasion. Oops...

On the bright side...look! It looks like water!!!!! :excited:

So, yeah, enjoy the image and the story(hopefully my writing isn't too terrible...)

I used one of my own photos as reference for Rille.

Background was referenced from this image: [link] by :icongracies-stock: Thanks!

ART and Character (C) ME! NO STEALY
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Comments (359)
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Zestable|Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, this is amazing!
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Fun4All328|Student Digital Artist
That's amazing!!
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jacij| General Artist
This is stunning!
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indigo-98|Hobbyist General Artist
beautiful I love how the shading on the horse is so natural
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ConverseAndCupcakes's avatar
ConverseAndCupcakes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am in love with those markings! :aww:
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Osyrisheart|Hobbyist Artist
hes so beautiful. :) i wanna hug him. :)
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Napoorue|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible! I love it! <3
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sombra-khenney's avatar
sombra-khenney|Student Digital Artist
it was great, how come no one likes him ?
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Fang1992|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful job. Your story is well written too. Some of my stories are like that. keep it up.
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khsculpture's avatar
You are a really good story tell and I love this painting!
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Acuradesigns|Hobbyist General Artist
yeah i think im going to fav this one 2!
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Barrelracer1234's avatar
Barrelracer1234|Hobbyist Photographer
I love it! <3 How much would you charge if I ask you to do one of my horses o.0
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marleawarlea's avatar
I hate you talented people
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XxAndroid22xX's avatar
I must say, this looks like an atual photograph.
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RedHeadRoxanne's avatar
RedHeadRoxanne|Student General Artist
Beautiful! Its like I could just jump on him and ride.
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ThaBlack|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so cool ^^ I love all kinds of animals but this unicorn just made me go wild >u< :hug:
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Azaroe|Professional Digital Artist
Featured here: [link]
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angry-wolf-for-life's avatar
angry-wolf-for-life|Hobbyist General Artist
Very deep. I love it. Gorgous art too.
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MadameLupus's avatar
It looks like a photo. Amazing.
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Arabian08|Student General Artist
Holy cow that good!
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TheLoneDucky| General Artist
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Picsandgraphic| Traditional Artist
Omg :O
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This is breath taking oOo
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