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I am so relieved that I can finally debut this Sailor Moon piece.  It’s been finished for quite some time now but my twin Benjamin Anders has been holding it ransom. Needless to say he has finally revealed his incredible redesigns of the Sailor Scouts, so please go give him some love! 

Anyways my friend Nico is having his next show at Meltdown Comics titled "MEATBALL HEAD" - August 16 - 27, if you are in LA, go check it out!!

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Cool redesign and Jupiter with a mohawk!
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I totally want watch sailoor moon series in this version O.O♥
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awesome! +fav 
Wowzer. Genuinely fantastic, fresh/modern updates of the Senshi. A lot of people try redesigning them with varying results but this looks sleek, cool, chic, current... Love love love it. I wouldn't mind seeing a sort of Elseworlds comic/manga/anime of this "Sailor Moon." Would really like to see more of these designs, if you're so inclined or have the time! :-)
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Ah thank you! I am hoping to do more pieces of them but my schedule is pretty busy as it is. 
Glad to hear it! I had a look on your tumblr because of this piece and bookmarked it immediately haha! Love, love, love your style. I really like the Enchantress from "Suicide Squad" pic. Whenever you may get around to doing more of these ultra-cool "Sailor Moon" designs I shall be eagerly waiting! ;-)
Oh!! Is amazing!!!:D J love it!!!
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OMG this is beautiful! I need more of this! How can I get a signed print? I want to frame and hang it in my apt!
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yaaaassss!!! i want this to happen!!! this > crystal!! :D well done! <3
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Holly crap this is beautiful
and SOSOSO creative
i love re-imagined things
especially the sailor scouts modern time
and love the japanese look to it all
the whole tokyo bad girls vibe
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Not much food in the future

LOVE it, so creative!
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Cool.                                         Usagi La Emoticon Sailor Moon Emoticon: Luna (Cat Form) Minako La Emoticon Rei La Emoticon Ami La Emoticon Makoto La Emoticon Haruka-Michiru Date Emoticon 
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Love it!!!! <3
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OMG this looks awesome, I get such a kick out of looking at it! Well done!! <3
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Like the where you went with this~ so cool
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Is the Visored one Jupitor or Mercury? 
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Jupiter is the one standing (and the visor) - Mercury is the one crouching next to Mars.
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Ah, Jupiter is wearing a subtle shade of green and wears longer hair.  I didn't see that the first time.  If I may ask, what was the chief influence for this look for them?  
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